The hero of “the battle of psychics” decided to find love on “the House-2”

Герой «Битвы экстрасенсов» решил найти любовь на «Доме-2» Leading telestroke told fans that the project came clairvoyant. However, his name Kadono keeps the secret to keep the intrigue. According to Vladislav, to build relationships on the program decided the man from the new season of “the battle of psychics”.

      Recently Vladislav Kadoni intrigued viewers with the latest news from Celestron. The man said that one of the participants in last season’s “the battle of psychics” decided to try his luck at the “House-2”. Moderator also invited fans to guess who will build a love for the popular project. But the correct answer to your question Kadono decided not to tell, keeping the intrigue. Vladislav urged followers to learn the truth in one of the upcoming broadcasts of “House-2”.

      “To build love for us on “Dom-2” came a member of season 17 of the project “Battle of psychics.” This was not expecting anyone. Who do you think he is?! Anton Gut? Denis Vysotsky? Ivan Vlasov? And most importantly — who came? Or maybe we decided to break patterns and this is one of them — Lubomir or Dashi? That Dasha has in battle — not an argument, I was simultaneously in two programs. Maybe Dasha decided to change the “House-2″ or Lubomir yourself? But I can say for sure: our new member is a man of the 17 season. Check your sixth sense… the air very soon”, — said Vlad Kadoni in social networks.

      Members of the host telestroke remained intrigued by its publication. They began to speculate about what the clairvoyant said Kadono. Part of the viewers suggested that it is unlikely we are talking about Swami Dashi, because of a mysterious wizard of the Eastern practices is happily married and is the father of four children. As for Lubomir Epiphany, many social media users believe that a man fascinated by magic much more than a search of its second half.

      Followers Kadono agreed that the “Dom-2” came someone from the younger participants of “Battle of psychics” — Denis Vysotsky, Anton Mamon or Ivan Vlasov. Most of viewers voted for the candidacy of Vladimir Vysotsky, who previously attributed an affair with Liberi Kadono. Recall that the young man later denied the rumors, saying that he is not going to share with the fans details his personal life.

      Participant of “Battle of psychics” denied the affair with Liberi Kadono

      Later, the network appeared the review mother Maya Dontsova that Denis Vysotsky concerned with her daughter. However, it is too early to talk about whether to believe him or not.

      Note that the leading “House-2” Vladislav Kadoni he once was a member of “the battle of psychics”. His mother, the Siberian witch Elena Golunova has the gift of clairvoyance. She managed to reach the final of the project, and Vladislav starred in the sixth and eleventh seasons of the program.