The heirs of the singer Prince trying to find his will

Наследники певца Принса пытаются найти его завещание The musician died suddenly April 21. At the moment the lawyers sort out who of the six alleged children he would like to leave it.

      Наследники певца Принса пытаются найти его завещание

      During the life of the Prince in the name of “Paisley Park near Minneapolis could only get elected. From the day of his death secret hideout of the musician, where he worked on his own recording Studio literally to the last breath, has turned into a thoroughfare. Police, lawyers and employees of the company revolve Bremer Trust there still, although the place of death Prince has long been investigated, and the body subjected to a postmortem examination and cremated at a private ceremony on April 24. But all these people are looking for in “Paisley Park” is not the answer to the sudden death of 57-year-old musician, and the answer to the question of what he owned and who of six possible heirs that bequeathed. Building at least twice, according to the number of discharged orders searched from top to bottom, but documents that shed light on the last wishes of the Prince, was never found.

      Paper tragedy

      The only direct relative of the Prince is his sister TIKA Even Nelson. Kids have a twice-divorced musician was not: his only son died soon after birth. In addition to Tics, inheritance types also have two sisters and a brother on my father’s side and two cousins on the mother’s side. Teak has already made it clear that he considers himself a contender for the lion’s share of the inheritance, and the other poor relatives who may rely on the Souvenirs. She informed the court of the state of Minnesota that will, most likely, does not exist. Under local laws in the case of a direct blood relationship automatically makes the Tick the sole heir. However, this requires strong evidence that the Prince had no other plans. Besides the other brothers and sisters still have the right to put forward their demands and arguments.

      Until the will is not found, and its absence in nature is not proven, the court for six months he transferred the administration of the financial Affairs of the Prince company, which he trusted. The first thing employees have to do is figure out what is inherited and how it is drawn from the point of view of the law.

      “The documents complete chaos – say people from the environment of the musician. – The last five years, Prince, it was impossible to get to sign anything. He was cheated out of contracts and copyright at a young age, and he developed paranoia associated with the signatures on the papers. Prince is not bothered that he slowly goes underground. He changed lawyers every year, but not listened to their recommendations. His most trusted advisers remained pretty 20-year-old model.”
      Наследники певца Принса пытаются найти его завещание

      That kind of music

      In late April, “Paisley Park” came a minibus loaded with oxyacetylene burners, drills and specialists in burglary safe doors. Their task was to open the vault, access code which was known only to the Prince. All heirs were hoping that inside will be found and the cursed will, which will put everything in its place. Wills inside was not. The secret room was full of music that Prince has recorded, but for one reason or another were not included in the albums, not singing from the stage and not sold to other performers. It is estimated that songs from the safe is enough to produce the posthumous album of Prince annually for the next hundred years.

      Opening partly reconciled and calmed heirs. They are quite amenable to the suggestion of Alfred Jackson brother Prince’s mother – to take sorting, the remastering and release the songs themselves. Everyone understood that even if the Prince had no mansion for $27 million and Bank accounts, his musical legacy is able to provide everyone to the seventh generation. But here, not without catch. It turned out that the copyright licensing Prince also didn’t bother. He believed that creativity should not be sold under any sauce, and essentially refused to transfer any of the rights in exchange for royalties, no matter what favorable terms he would be offered. Because the oddity of the Prince was not known to the General public, after his death, financial experts calculated as a musician including contributions and brought in a total of $300 million But the scruples of the Prince led to the fact that in fact heirs were not more than $100 million that he earned concerts. Moreover it is known that he did not have to cancel the show at the last minute for one, only to him and a slave is to pay a huge penalty, so that this figure may be inflated.

      Наследники певца Принса пытаются найти его завещание

      Teak Nelson and the company of the late opinion is clearly not shared, it was an enormous project – to register the heritage of the Prince 35 years ago and 100 years forward as it should and to teach the music world to what is now for singing his songs you have to pay.

      “They’d better find a will, – commented a lawyer from Minnesota. – Even if one of them wants to challenge it, it will be faster and cheaper than clean up the current nightmare. During the litigation probably will be other contenders for the inheritance, and tax administration has the right to require additional investigation. In addition, the state court did not know whether it is legal to take the right to use the name and images of the artist, if you do not know, whether he meant to or not. Without a will, the relatives of the Prince get stuck in this business forever.”

      The lawyer as the water looked. A Karlin K. Williams has declared himself the unrecognized son of Prince and filed in court a petition to establish paternity with a DNA test. Williams claims that appeared in the result of a night spent Prince with his mother at a hotel in Kansas city in July 1976. In this respect, Karlin believes that all the inheritance should go to him. On may 6, the judge was allowed to use to test the blood of the musician, taken during the autopsy. Brothers and sisters of the deceased do not believe in the story of Carlin Williams, but considering the violent sex life of the Prince, they shudder to think how many more “children” he can be detected.

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