The heiress Svetlana Loboda read clear rap

Наследница Светланы Лободы зачитала четкий рэп Fans of the singer in awe of the talents of the lovely eve. Recently Svetlana Loboda shared with fans information about his favorite artist to his daughter. According to star, the child just loves the creativity of hip-hop artist Jah Khalib.

      The charming daughter of the singer Svetlana Loboda is taking its first steps in the field of music. Six-year-old Evangelina loves the creativity of talented hip-hop artist Jah Khalib. The child not only listens to songs fashion artist but teaches them by heart. Svetlana shared the achievements of the heiress in his microblog. In the short video, which appeared on the page of a celebrity in one of the social networks, Evangelina played an excerpt from songs of the rapper called “Your eyes”. Svetlana caught up abilities girls.

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      “Little Lo sings only Jah Khalib by heart. It is unique, of course. Much of the text do not overpower even mother. It seems our family is growing by another artist,” shared the star in his microblog.

      Fans of Svetlana Loboda was in love with her video. They praised the charming heiress of a celebrity and wished her further success. “Beauty”, “So talented”, “she’s a growing Girl with taste”, “Pretty”, “Amazing”, “How cute”, “Clever”, “Cool”, “Good”, “How about a duet?”, “Super”, “love this artist” – wrote in the comments of the post artist.

      Recall that in late March, Svetlana Loboda has released their new album called “H2LO”. Album of the singer caused a huge resonance. Immediately an hour after the release of a new work of music stars took first place on iTunes in seven countries, and after weeks she was awarded platinum status.

      On the wave of the resounding success of the long-awaited album Svetlana arrived in Moscow with a big solo concert. The performance of the performer took place in Moscow in Crocus City Hall. Chief guest LOBODA large-scale show is the charming daughter of the singer. Lovely Eva was in awe of the incredible performances, prepared by a team of professionals.

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      In his interview with Svetlana repeatedly admitted that he tries to spend all his free time with his daughter. “Eva is very active and developed child. To school we go in six years. She has a great memory, she easily remembers the poems, retells stories. And she is very socially active, loves society, company. At school she will be quite comfortable. We already decided that we were going to study in Kiev, in the school of foreign languages,” said Loboda in an interview with “StarHit”.