The heiress of the stars of “Love and pigeons” Alexander Mikhailov rebuffs suitors

Наследница звезды «Любовь и голуби» Александра Михайлова отшивает ухажеров The daughter of a famous actor told reporters about her acting career and relationships with loved ones. Despite her young age, Miroslav Mikhailov has already made the first steps in the profession. She also admitted that she suffers from annoying fans.

15-year-old Miroslava, the daughter of people’s artist of the RSFSR Alexander Mikhailov Oksana Vasilyeva, head of production center husband. The heiress known actor has decided to follow in his footsteps. Miroslav in absentia received a secondary education and actively goes on auditions, and in his spare time moonlights as a model and visits fashionable places. Favourite beauty – American pastry shop at the Patriarch ponds.

She recently gave an interview to the glossy publication, which talked about annoying fans. According to Miroslava, it is often suitable to get to know. However, beauty is not always configured to communicate with young people. Sometimes they can be very persistent. In such cases, Mikhailova helps one trick.

“No one believes me fifteen. So I wear a wedding ring: it is left over from the filming of the series. When someone on the street trying to get to know me, I show the ring finger,” – said the successor of the famous names.

It should be noted that Miroslav has already achieved some success. After page of young models and Actresses on Instagram watch more than two thousand people who write regularly to her compliments. And in the beginning of October on the channel “Carousel” show the second season of “Family Svetoforov” in which Mikhailov has played a major role.

Miroslav says that she has a great relationship with his father. Alexander Mikhailov did not resist the daughter’s decision to start an acting career. According to the girl, she was immersed in the profession from an early age.

“Dad always supports me. Since my childhood I went with him to the shooting, went to the theater. When he wanted to be an actress, it came as no surprise”, – said Miroslav.

In the future she plans to become a serious dramatic actress. “I was seven years old doing ballet and if you got a role as Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”, will give for it all!” – she opened his most secret dreams.

Your dancing skills Miroslav will show very soon – October 23 in Moscow will be a traditional debutante Ball, a popular glossy magazine, which will be attended by the girls from prominent families. The event is traditionally held in the hall of columns. Among the girls who will come to the floor this year was Miroslav Mikhailov, Alexander Zhulin, Ustinja Malinin, Sophia Evstigneev, daughter of Andrey Makarevich Anna Christmas, and a great-great-granddaughter of Matilda Kshesinskaya Eleonora Sevenard, writes Tatler.