The heiress of Ararat Cesana reproached with permissiveness

Наследницу Арарата Кещяна упрекнули во вседозволенности Child star of “Univer” grows real naughty. Ararat, Kesan shared with fans a funny video on Instagram, which showed how he communicates with little Eva. Followers were delighted.

Not so long ago fans of Ararat Cesana were touched by the video that the actor has published in the microblog. On account of the man touching and playing with her daughter. As it turned out, the loving father could not refuse the little girl playing a girl literally walks the face of the actor. The video has received over two million views and thousands of enthusiastic reviews. Many social network users admitted that they did not expect to see such tenderness from idol.

Video by daughter of Ararat Cesana blew up the Internet

Perhaps inspired by the positive reviews of fans, Ararat decided to continue to put posts involving eve. So, the celebrity shared with fans in Instagram is a new series of pranks baby.

Kesan can not understand what means “stinka” which so persistently asked to bring daughter. And while the girl tries to send dad for an unknown subject, she squeezes and pinches his face. And, does eve is not only hands but also feet. Behind the scenes laughter is not holding back and wife star Catherine. Seen as an artist like the game in the end, he tenderly sizelove his Princess.

Interestingly, in the end, the girl still explained to the audience and slow-witted father that queer sends it with the scrunchie. Subscribers are unable to comment on the publication stars and noted that I have not received such pleasure from watching “Instagram”. Internet users expressed admiration for the care and patience Cesena in relation to the daughter.

“Only moms know what the kids say!”, “Ararat is the only woman in your life, where everything is possible”, “How cute! World’s best dad”, “Sladka girl! Let it grow happy”, “Real dad! Super!”, “Mimimi, facial massage is great! Daughter we also have the expert”, “a Thousand times I looked! Ararat, you’re a great father” “How is dad all ready suffering from your Princess”, “the Incredible really cute! Heartily chuckle,” wrote a follower.

It is worth noting that Kesana on a tight schedule and find the time for home gatherings with family it is not easy. Despite this, the man tries to combine work and leisure with loved ones. She also periodically together with the daughter arrives on the set to support the beloved. Recently, she exhibited in microblogging cute photograph in the company of the wife and heiress. The couple looks very happy. The blonde left a laconic caption to the post: “Sunday family. Let, dad’s at work, but together.”