Наследницу Курта Кобейна пытается обобрать собственный муж
A two-year marriage can be costly Frances Cobain.

Frances Cobain with her husband Isaiah Silva

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became
known, 23-year-old Frances Cobain, daughter of the soloist of “Nirvana” and Courtney Love, runs the risk of losing
half of the inheritance left by her father. Isaiah Silva, with whom Francis is in
now divorced, said its claim to the money of the spouse. This was reported by the website TMZ.

The only
daughter of Cobain and guitarist of the rock band the Eeries – Isaiah Silva began
to meet when the girl was only 14 years old. A year later they became engaged, and in
June 2014 and got married, and their ceremony was strictly classified. However
in March of last year, they decided to leave, and five months ago
Francis has officially filed for divorce.

Originally, Francis had indicated in their petition that she would not mind if Isaiah will be asked to pay him spousal
alimony. At that time, it was about a relatively modest amount. But
recently, the relationship of the divorcing spouses has deteriorated badly and now
Silva decided to thoroughly Rob Cobain.

For a start
he demanded 25 thousand dollars a month, saying that for the sake of marrying, he Franis
quit my job and now he has nothing to live for. Among the priorities of expenses
he is going to cover the funds from his ex-wife, are 4 and a half
thousands per month on pay is clearly not the poor housing and more than 3 thousand
tuition at the private school his daughter from his first marriage!

Besides, Isaiah
now said
is entitled to half of all income Francis during their marriage. But that’s not all — he “swung” on a much more serious amount. After Francis
didn’t think to get him to sign a prenup. And now all of a sudden Silva
this “remembered”, and intends to submit his claims for another half
the inheritance of a daughter of Cobain. And it is estimated that at least 100 million

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