The heir Pugacheva and Galkin were moved by the driving skills

Наследник Пугачевой и Галкина умилил навыками вождения Little Harry a child learns the rules of the road. How to press the pedals and turn the steering wheel to the heir says the Pope – Maxim Galkin. The star shared a funny video on Instagram.

      Almost half a million fans follow the microblog of famous artist Maxim Galkin. Man shares with followers photos from filming, tours, business and social meetings. But most of all social network users await the day when the idol will put up pictures from the family archive. Fans adore children Alla Pugacheva and Maxim.

      Little Harry and Lisa grow a very smart and talented. Famous parents often talk about the successes and abilities of the heirs, and you can also share details of joint activities. So, the show’s host is “best” is published in Instagram video with son. A charming boy goes on a small car and funny communicates with the traffic police, which took Galkin.

      Star in comic form wondered why the driver exceeds the speed and whether the violator of a law. Harry is not lost, and kindly shows an imaginary identity. Of course, a good police officer releases the driver with a slight reprimand. Subscribers microblog Galkina was left in complete awe of what he saw. They thanked your pet for what to share details of education and rare footage, and left dozens of comments with the compliments of the baby. Users of the social network see the boy a lot in common with his father.

      “Mercy came! Thank you for delight us with such wonderful photos and videos! The best family!” “Such eyes! Happiness! All the kids such happiness!”, “Klassnyjj! Huge baby happiness. Thanks again, max, for your soul, talent and, of course, for such a video!”, “From under the seat pulls out – what a cutie!”, “Right dad from an early age learn the rules of the road” “I Love your family! Alla Borisovna Hello!” – wrote fans.

      Loyal admirers of Maxim for a long time know how much he loves his family and cherishes it. The man rarely speaks about personal, but occasionally gives comments on the topic of communication with children. Galkin confessed that fatherhood as if he divided his life into “before” and “after”. He believes his wife and the heirs of the center of his universe, and tries to spend all free time together at home with friends and family.