Наследник Пугачевой и Галкина подражает Киркорову The comedian has posted a video with my son. Maxim Galkin shared with subscribers of the movie, a hero who was a little Harry. On account of the boy dances and plays music on a toy guitar. Fans were delighted from gone.

Children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin – three-year-old Lisa and Harry have long been favorites. Star parents willingly publish in microblogs clips, which their heirs dance, sing or share their years of wise thoughts. So, yesterday the TV presenter posted on Instagram another video with her son. On it a boy is trying to play one of the hits of the king of pop scene Philip Kirkorov.

Not knowing the song, Maxim decided to ask the child who the author of the work. “This is Phillip’s song, pop. Our Philip”, immediately answered the kid. It turned out, the heir to the celebrity no doubt that perfectly performs a popular tune. Besides playing the guitar, Harry Galkin also successfully repeated the dance moves of celebrities.

However, the comedian expressed surprise to learn, who imitates his son. He suggested that perhaps the ex-husband of Alla Borisovny too often their guest during his absence. In addition, the actor joked about the fact that the gifts of the king of pop often cause his children a strong reaction. “An unexpected discovery! So go on tour!” – signed post man.

Fans are Maxim could not hold back emotions. They were quick to praise the star heir for his talent and spontaneity. In addition, many of them have appreciated the irony of the Galkina and touched his touching relationship with Harry.

“Stunning boy!”, “Yes, the song is really similar! I learned!”, “How talented he is! God, I’m in love!”, “Of course, such parents could not be born untalented children! Bravo!”, “You’re both gorgeous! Such easy communication!”, “Previously adored you, Maxim, and now your kids do,” commented on a post idol users of the social network.

By the way, Lisa and Harry not so long ago literally blew up the world wide web is another funny video. For the record guys rock in the popular music. The girl tried to move as graceful, and her brother, in contrast, performed a rhythmic dance. Videos have appeared on Instagram of Alla, where in a matter of minutes scored dozens of rave reviews and positive ratings of followers Diva. Children Pugacheva and Galkin blew up the Network with their dancing