Наследник Жанны Фриске впервые влюбился Dmitry Shepelev gives advice to Plato. Three year old son of Jeanne Friske Plato shares with the father the secret. The presenter tries to help his successor by the Board and always close to him.

      Наследник Жанны Фриске впервые влюбился

      Son of the singer Zhanna Friske and TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev Plato recently turned three years old. Despite such a young age, the kid is already interested in girls. Now the boy lives with his father, but because it shares the first secrets. Shepelev rests with the child abroad by the sea but Plato misses Moscow.

      “My friends are there. And Katya”. “What’s Katya?” — “My friend. Dad, can I give her my yellow car?” – gave Dimitri his dialogue with his son.
      Наследник Жанны Фриске впервые влюбился

      Despite touching relationship with Plato, the presenter still wouldn’t let me see the grandson of Jeanne’s parents, Vladimir Borisovich and Olga. Trial underway for a long time, still can’t put a point in this case. Relatives of the deceased singer, has repeatedly demonstrated its unwavering intention to seek the rights to see your grandchild.

      “I know one thing – I’m in court, legally, going to see his grandson. And it’ll give me law. But, Dmitry, remember my words, there will come a time when you’re on my knees I have to ask, you know what,” – said Vladimir Borisovich.

      Dmitry Shepelev constantly tells little about Plato and his famous mother. He tries to make the boy feel that a parent is always there. Dmitry Shepelev in a letter to Jeanne Friske: “I am once again frustrated, accusing you that left me betrayed”

      “The bottom line is I can tell the main thing – I talk to Plato about the mom every day about her habits, about her favorite places, about our life before his appearance, in short, about everything. We chose pictures of Joan, which now stand in our apartment. I want my son to know: he has a mom, she is near and will never leave. And for birthday and other holidays, I always say my mom and we congratulate you…,” said Shepelev.

      For a long time Dmitry has not informed journalists of how to grow his heir. Now, however, Shepelev sometimes shares with the public some details of the baby’s life. The presenter demonstrates that Plato gives advice, especially when it comes to a first love boy.

      “But better ask first what she wants”, – quotes the edition of Grazia tips Dmitry for three-year-old.

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