Верх эгоизма: в моде антиобручальные кольца

To wear an engagement ring, do not have half a lifetime to wait for the Prince on a white horse! At the height of fashion fancy trend antibrucella ring.

Engagement ring, decorated with impressive size diamond – the ultimate dream of any girl. Such “accessory” looks amazing on the hand, sparkles in the sun and attracts admiring glances. Its only drawback: in order to wear it, you need to offer hands and hearts. However, thanks to a new jewelry trend this condition is not necessary! Antibrucella ring – the invention of the brand little-known brand Fred & Far, which, in fact, introduced this trend to the masses. Antibrucella, or antimalware, the ring looks exactly like the traditional. True to size it is much smaller, so as to carry it should on the little finger.

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Don’t want to wait for the offer to become someone’s wife? Feel independent and self-sufficient? Love yourself for who you are and don’t want to belong to anyone but myself? In General, if most of the questions you answered positively, congratulations, antibrucella ring created especially for you. Thousands of women around the world have appreciated the new trend and made a promise to love, honor, and worship itself, in sickness and in health, to the grave. In fact, such a ring is a symbol of feminism and a healthy ego. Because in order to feel happy, you must first be in harmony with yourself.

Every antimalware the ring is made of white, yellow or rose gold or sterling silver. The role of the main “accent” does not a diamond and white sapphire the classic triangular shape. Cheapest “narcissistic” ring will cost $ 150, and the most expensive at $ 325.

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