The health of Oleg Tabakov has improved

Самочувствие Олега Табакова улучшилось The actor regained consciousness and began to see relatives. Oleg Tabakov temperature was normalized, and now he can navigate in space and time. Fans of the star hope that soon Oleg Pavlovich discharged from the hospital, after which actor and Director would return to work.

In late November, Oleg Tabakov was admitted to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with running pneumonia and sepsis. His condition rapidly deteriorated, and on December 27 the doctors brought Oleg Pavlovich in an artificial coma. Fans sincerely worried about the health of the actor, preparing for the worst.

However, we now know that the stars well-being has improved. Tabakov has gone on the amendment. He has regained consciousness, he began to recognize people. According to some sources, Oleg Pavlovich is in stable but still serious condition. Had returned to normal and the temperature. Also, a man appropriately oriented in time and space.

Doctors report that the consciousness of the actor remains clear, but he complains of pain in the lung area, where installed drainage. Now the doctors are doing everything possible for the well-being of Oleg Pavlovich finally returned to normal, and the symptoms of the disease disappeared.

News about improving the state of the actor delighted fans. They were quick to wish the star a speedy recovery.

“What happiness! I believed that Oleg Pavlovich beat the disease and return to work”, “Great news, I’m very happy. However, in this age of a serious illness never takes place without consequences,” “I Hope we’ll see theatre on the stage and in the movies,” wrote fans of the artist.

We will remind that Oleg Pavlovich is in intensive care the First city hospital Pirogov. It provides the best treatment, and the relatives of the actor is constantly on duty in the ward. According to the journalists, Marina Zudina does not depart from bed Tabakov for a minute, devoting all his time to the care of her husband.

Doctors believe that health problems Tabakov due to the fact that the actor started the disease. If he turned to the experts before the inflammation has been able to eliminate in the Bud. In mid-September, the man also became ill. Then he refused admission and asked to give him a shot for the pain. Despite problems with health, Oleg Pavlovich fully worked out performance in which played the lead role.

About the current health of the actor has learned the channel “Ren TV”. When tobacco will be able at least roughly to leave the hospital and return to work, colleagues are not misleading.