Глава Warner Brothers ушел в отставку из-за интима с актрисой Шарлоттой Кирк

54-year-old Chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers Kevin Tsujihara left his post after a sex scandal with actress Charlotte kirk. Your post Kevin has held for 25 years. The decision to leave was made by Tsugihara.

Глава Warner Brothers ушел в отставку из-за интима с актрисой Шарлоттой Кирк

In the press surfaced screenshots of the SMS correspondence Tsujihara and 26-year-old actress Charlotte kirk. The correspondence took place in 2013, when the artist was 20 years old. The screenshots prove that the former CEO of Warner Brothers had a sexual relationship with the actress and even offered her in return for her role in the film! In an article published in the edition of the Hollywood Reporter also says that the head of Warner Brothers offered the young actress, who starred in the movie “8 friends of Oushena” (Ocean’s Eight), sex in exchange for movie roles. The most interesting thing in the films “” and crime film “ocean’s 8 friends” actress still appeared. He kept his word?

Kevin had been more than noble. After the appearance on the Internet of compromising, of Tsujihara released an official statement apologizing and explaining his sudden resignation. “The hard work of all our employees is admirable and I will not allow her to go unnoticed because of media attention to my past”.

Official representatives of the former Director General also expressed his position and there is nothing illegal in the actions of his client saw. Representatives of the head of film concern said that it had conducted several tests and found no violations in the actions of Tsujihara. According to lawyers, the head of Warner Brothers was never involved in the process of selecting actors for a role.

After the publication of compromising many suspected that it could be Charlotte herself. Allegedly she published the dirt on her former lover for the sake of PR. The actress said that very distressed about the incident and its relations have no connection with harassment. Charlotte said that has no claims to Tsujihara and even assured reporters that their sexual relationship was mutual.

Глава Warner Brothers ушел в отставку из-за интима с актрисой Шарлоттой Кирк
“I am deeply upset because of the dismissal of Tsujihara from Warners,” — said Monday the actress. “Our relationship ended many years ago. I have nothing to do with the announcement of the Hollywood Reporter. In fact, I even tried to prevent it. Whatever disagreements we may have had before, they was in the past. I just wish him all the best in your future activities”.

Known Kevin for many years is married to sandy Tsujihara with whom he has two children.

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