The head of security, Boris Yeltsin, has revealed unexpected facts about his past

Глава охраны Бориса Ельцина открыл неожиданные факты его прошлого Employee of the former President told the “StarHit” about working with him. According to the man, Boris was eager to get behind the wheel and didn’t want to hear anything about the dangers and prohibitions, but because driving without a license.
Глава охраны Бориса Ельцина открыл неожиданные факты его прошлого

Exactly 10 years ago April 23, died the first President of Russia. Many still argue about its role in the history of our country, but in the memory of friends, Boris Yeltsin remained a hospitable host, often staged a noisy feast, and like to twist the wheel.

Went 1996. Nothing adorned the man, as a personal car, especially an excellent color “the snow Queen”. Honestly stood in a queue for a couple of months, Boris Yeltsin received the keys to the coveted “Moskvich”. But driving Yeltsin was in a hurry: according to friends, he did not have a driver’s license. As time to sit at a Desk in one of capital driving schools. Therefore, a driving instructor for the President was his head of security, Alexander Korzhakov:

“For me you never asked! Then either he guessed what Boris wants, or “read my eyes”. But he found the approach through a spouse. I stood once near his Niva, I smoke, and here comes Naina. With a sweet smile she begins to tell stories, as Boris in “Victory” drove the whole family to Sochi, almost with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, smartly maneuvering between cars.

“And when Boris was young, never got out of dad’s truck – assured first lady. – Remind him how to drive. Ride along”.
Глава охраны Бориса Ельцина открыл неожиданные факты его прошлого

The hint was understood. A couple of weeks decided to start to learn on my car. Crossed, I sat in the passenger seat and grabbed the handbrake – just in case. Explained, or rather reminded the management process, and we drove off, but rather jumped like a kangaroo, and flew all the bumps and pits. I don’t remember exactly how many times in one trip, we encountered or fought against the ceiling of my poor “Fields”. Then I probably had the first gray hair. More of course, I was worried about the President himself. Yeltsin had a bad habit – he confused the gas and brake pedals. All of my comments – how about a wall peas.

“I’m ready to ride on the highway,” said Boris after seven trips, and about rights, the answer was simple: “My face is my law.”
Глава охраны Бориса Ельцина открыл неожиданные факты его прошлого

Perhaps, for all time of service in the security I never felt more scared than on that hot Sunny day. Left on the highway, and started again “stunt riding”. At the turn of the Yeltsin hit the wrong pedal and crashed into a metal fence. Thank God, no traffic police, no witnesses in the area did not have… I sat behind the wheel, and without adventure we with a crumpled right wing reached Moscow.

Unfortunately, this was not our only accident. One day I have left in the country, and early in the morning while I slept, Boris decided to steer. Having slipped out of the house, like a mouse, he sat behind the wheel and in the end I crashed into a fence. Had to take drastic measures. At my direction, the guards no longer let the President into the car without a personal escort. All the traffic I put in the garage, so as to drive the car for Yeltsin – an impossible task.

Inquiries Boris Yeltsin was growing up, he decided that the grown up driving SUVs. In those days it was quite difficult to buy a foreign car… So, at my direction, the auto workers phoned friends, relatives – everyone who was a potential owner of the “big cars”. Shiny car drove into the territory of the Kremlin. Instructed to build them in a row at a minimum distance from each other, and the hood to the walls to grief-the driver decided to take it for a test drive. That day, Yeltsin bought his beloved Subaru silver color. A new “favorite” President was treated very carefully. Had to continue driving to the jeep did not suffer the fate of “Moskvich” with a constant replacement of parts, and parts of the body.

To train, but rather to test my nerves and patience, he decided, when it gets dark, reduced, so to speak, the risk of another accident. Left Barvikha around 12 at night and “jump” around. Then a knock again… you Know, I ran over something the tire. Quietly move down the road, get out and realize that the tire is completely down. To resolve I had, took about an hour.

When he rose from his knees, found the driver on the spot, I ran to look for Yeltsin in the dark. Was about to call for reinforcements, but upon returning to the car, looked at it again and saw that Boris sleeps in the back seat.