The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin spoke of a secret connection with Ulyana Sergeenko

Глава «Роснефти» Игорь Сечин высказался о тайной связи с Ульяной Сергеенко Entrepreneur and statesman commented, which received wide publicity in the Network. Many Internet users expressed doubts about the validity of information about a possible affair between Igor Sechin and the designer Ulyana Sergeenko.
Глава «Роснефти» Игорь Сечин высказался о тайной связи с Ульяной Сергеенко

Recently in mass media there was information that the designer Ulyana Sergeenko twisted new novel. The choice of the designer called the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. It was alleged that a top Manager of one of Russia’s largest companies conceal the relationship with Sergeenko, for fear of attracting too much attention to private life. According to insiders, the alleged lovers were together in Paris for fashion Week.

Journalists contacted Igor Sechin with a request to shed light on the speculation of the public. A respected businessman and public figure has denied the information that was widely publicized. As Sechin said he’s not familiar with Sergeenko. So the rumors about their alleged secret affair is not true.

“Treated with great respect to the designer Ulyana Sergeenko, which I’m not familiar, I want to appeal to the editorial office (where the material came of the affair with Sergeenko. – Ed.) the words of one kinoperson: “Announce please all list”,” – said Sechin to reporters.

Rumors that Ulyana Sergeenko had an affair with Igor Sechin, began to discuss on Tuesday, February 20, after the publication of one of the sites dedicated to celebrities. Journalists referred to the sources, who wished to remain anonymous. First, one of them said that Sergeenko meets with Sechin, and then these data were confirmed by some insider allegedly close to the Kremlin.

Official comments from the Ulyana has not been received. On a direct question about if she’s well-known businessman, the fashion designer responded very evasively. Sergeenko refused to comment on a resonant subject, citing the fact that resting in the mountains. In addition, the designer has called such speculation “nonsense”.

A while Igor Sechin was keeping silence about the situation. Review top-the Manager “Rosneft” to the edition of Esquire came a day after making a lot of noise publications.

Another alleged lover Ulyana Sergeenko is called the senior President of Bank VTB Dmitry Breitenbecher. Couple seen together on one of the indoor activities at an elite Moscow restaurant. Sergeenko and Breitenbecher willingly posed for photographers, which triggered rumors about their possible relationship. The designer herself has not commented on the speculation of the public.

In 2015 Ulyana Sergeenko divorced businessman Danila Khachaturov. The court held that a daughter of ex-spouses Vasilisa will be with the mother and entrepreneur is obliged to pay the alimony on the maintenance of the child. According to journalists, the businessman selects the successor to the amount of 185 thousand rubles per month. Ulyana Sergeenko explained why he refused to fight former husband for millions