The hard way Karachentsov: accident, leaving the scene of and the fight against cancer

Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком The share of the famous actor had many severe trials. Now 73-year-old Nikolai Karachentsov is preparing for chemotherapy – some time ago he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. In spite of everything, the famous actor and his family try not to give up.
Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком

October 27 Nikolai Karachentsov, celebrates his birthday. People’s artist of the RSFSR turned 73 years old. The last few months have been very difficult for the stars of theatre and cinema. First Nikolai Petrovich eliminated the consequences of the accident, which occurred in February, and then faced with a serious illness. Doctors diagnosed the actor with a malignant tumor in the lung. Close, trying to support Karachentsov and do everything for the sake of his condition improved. Relatives of Nikolai Petrovich told reporters that he will be treated in Russia.

Despite all the challenges faced Karachentsov and his family, they try not to give up. To congratulate Nikolai Petrovich with a holiday, his wife Lyudmila Porgina decided to have dinner in one of the capital’s restaurants. Close stars are going to celebrate an important date in a small circle. On the occasion of the birthday celebrity “StarHit” remembered what trials befell the artist.

Wife Karachentsova: “We are praying and looking for money chemistry”


In late February 2005, the 60-year-old Nikolay Karachentsov has got to car accident. The actor, who learned the sad news of the death of mother-in-law Nadezhda Stepanovna Parginos, was driving home from the country, without having fastened by a belt and exceeding the speed limit. The movie star was in a hurry to get back to support his wife. On icy road Michurinsky Prospekt VW Passat B5, at the wheel which was Karachentsov, crashed into a pole.

Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком

The accident Nikolay Petrovich suffered a serious head injury. The actor was urgently hospitalized. The doctors performed a craniotomy and brain surgery. Karachentsov spent 26 days in a coma. These weeks have become a grave challenge for the family of the actor. Lyudmila Porgina admitted that he began to prepare for the very sad outcome, after her mother died, she bought another place on the Danilovsky cemetery. But then the woman realized that he didn’t want to lose another loved one.

“I lost the closest person. And even Kohl’s…. Going to one of the male coffin, I said, “No, he will continue to live. He will continue to live with me. We will see the birth of a granddaughter. We will go through this life. The next morning I go to the emergency room, I rush to each corpse and understand that you are trapped in a world between heaven and earth… I came up to Kolya and said, “well, Then, I buried mom, and you are waiting for me. And then we’ll fight together we’ll stand, you have no other way!” recalled Lyudmila Andreevna in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

After Nikolai Karachentsov came to, he wrote a letter to his wife. The actor said that they urgently need to get married. The ceremony took place on the anniversary of the wedding of actors in August 2005. It was attended by only the closest pair.

Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком


The process of rehabilitation of Nikolai Petrovich after the crash dragged on. Long time the actor could not again to go on stage. Only in 2007 Karachentsov could appear to be fans during the gala concert “the Stars came down from heaven…”. The event was named in honor of the last songs recorded by the artist.

After some time, Nikolai Petrovich again has pleased fans with a rare release at the presentation of the CD “I’m not lying!”, written in collaboration with composer Elena Surikova, and even tried rare varieties of cigars.

“They showed his clip. It was a holiday. When I am accused, “Why are you a sick person drive by secular events?” I reply “How can I close it in the four walls?! Is it possible to take away his life?” recalled Porgina.

Fans have noticed that it Karachentsov has not recovered. The actor could no longer be alive to current events. It became clear that Nikolay Petrovich is no longer able to continue his career. The movie star and the theater was forced to suspend creativity.

After the fatal accident of the famous actor received treatment abroad in Israel and China. Nikolai Petrovich examined some of the best physicians who did little to restore his speech. The journalists wrote that after the accident the actor is forced to be under constant supervision of medical professionals – it has to tolerate the surgery and undergo other treatments. Lyudmila Porgina courageously support a loved one and trying not to give up. A woman does not lose optimism and hopes for the best.

Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком

In 2014 Karachentsov anniversary at home, in “Lenkom”. To congratulate Nikolai Petrovich came many artists and art – Inna Churikova, Dmitry Kharatyan, Klara Novikova, Alena Khmelnitskaya, Olga Kabo. Vladimir Medinsky, Dmitry Medvedev and Sergey Sobyanin sent a birthday warmest wishes and bouquets of flowers. Central to the evening’s program took grandchildren Nikolay Petrovich – the ones presented to the public their numbers.

“Kolya, my young friend. I’m happy that you celebrate my birthday at home, with a native staff. I love you, Kolya. Love you millions. And we thank Lyudmila for what you with us today. And may God give you many more years of life”, – said Joseph Kobzon.


In February 2017, 12 years after the fatal accident, which changed forever the life of a star, he again had an accident. The car in which the actor was with his wife, a nurse Nadezhda Sergeeva and cousin Elsa Ulevoi overturned. The tragic incident occurred in the village zagoryanskiy. Machine Karachentsov has collided with a cargo “Gazelle”. Behind the wheel of the car was the native of Tajikistan.

Karachentsov was hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky. It was in that room where he was after the first terrible accident. The car was driven by his wife Lyudmila Porgina. A woman suspected that she was driving in an alcohol intoxication. Lyudmila Andreevna has denied such speculation.

The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Guys, I good and had not planned the murder of her husband”

Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком“Imagine, 12 years to fight for human life, to drink, to sit down and kill all four of you and myself too? And for what it is? I have a long day. In the morning I scored the trunk with wine, vodka, champagne, whiskey to bring to the restaurant for the Wake… All crashed, we don’t know how much was lying. The car rolled over several times and lay on its side. All the coat in the blood, vodka, wine, whiskey. We breathed, was all wet,” the woman shared with Andrey Malakhov.
Тяжелый путь Караченцова: ДТП, уход со сцены и борьба с раком

In recognition Ludmilla Parginos, she can’t forget the events of February 2005. In one interview, a woman spoke up about the mystical coincidences in the life of a spouse.

“I always have the previous day in a bad mood, always shaking. I’m afraid of that day. But I thought, just go to the movie, as it will shatter. Nadia, a nurse, by the way, didn’t want to go, like I felt. Yes, and I was shaking like never. Shaking from the thought that 12 years is a cycle. And here again the accident and another stroke on the right. Good thing he was wearing,” – said the wife of a famous actor.

Based on the materials of the Newspapers “Arguments and facts” and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.