Гитарист группы Architects скончался от рака

27-year-old guitarist Architects Tom Searle (Tom Searle) passed away from cancer. A young man three years struggled with a serious illness, and in the end the disease won the poor guy.

On the death of his brother, said twin brother Tom, Dan, who in the band plays drums and guitar.
“With unbearable pain and unimaginable sadness that I must report that my wonderful brother, Tom, left us after a three year battle with cancer. He was a great guitarist and songwriter. He was my closest and oldest friend. He was a cheerful, well-mannered and very nice person who inspired me” — said Dan.
Last time Tom came on the scene a year and a half ago, after numerous operations and courses of chemotherapy was deprived of his strength to speak. During a recent concert at one of the venues of Europe, the band had to cancel because Tom was urgently hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma. Then the doctors doubted whether to withdraw a young man from this condition, but five days later he suddenly came to himself. He canceled a private plane and got home by train.

“Tom fought the disease with all his strength, and his works seemed to have gone up, but two weeks ago he became worse and he left us,” said Dan.
It is unknown what fate awaits the group, because without Tom, she will never be the same. Soon the band was supposed to go to Australia, and in October – on the European tour. It is possible that these plans change is coming.
“We want to look forward with optimism, though we know we will be hard without Tom. I know he’d be proud of us, and don’t want to let him down,” said Dan.

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