The Gucci model was criticized for excessive thinness

Модель Gucci раскритиковали за излишнюю худобу

We could call it a cane, but the cane will be more. Model Avery Blanchard, involved in the presentation of the new collection of the brand Gucci was criticized by the organization of the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain, which monitors advertising standards in the UK for being too thin, and the presentation was called “irresponsible”.

Avery presented a dress with sleeves (dress sleeveless model could give odds 35-killogramovy angelina Jolie, who with exhaustion now is in the hospital) and metallic colors moccasins. The organization’s representatives stated that the model is too thin, and the pose that she took added to her low weight.
“We believe that the torso and arms models are too skinny and disproportionate, in addition, her posture lengthens the body and focuses on a very thin waist. Dark face and dark makeup, especially the bruising around the eyes, making her exhausted, she leaned against the wall, creating the effect of impotence. We come to the conclusion that to put such a model in this position is simply irresponsible” — said the representatives of the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain.
The fashion house meanwhile do question such a decision.
“Model – adult adult girl.. and the fact that it seems too thin – a subjective opinion” — said representatives of Gucci, and yet Aabout to insist that advertising with this model never appeared.

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