The guards Svetlana Loboda attacked journalists

Охранники Светланы Лободы напали на журналистов

A call to the police ended with the shooting of the program of one of Ukrainian channels 1+1 “Ukrainian sensations” on the singer Svetlana Loboda< /strong>. On the subject of the transfer, the journalists wanted to show not only the artist but also to do a piece on the difficult work of the paparazzi that celebrities do not really like due to the interference of personal space.

In the end, the reporters of TV channel 1+1 was blocked by the guards Svetlana. They let the car crew, and one of the bodyguards began to threaten firearms. Had the afraid to give journalists a video camera and a dash camera. However, to leave the conflict unresolved, they were not and was summoned to the scene the police. It is not known what ended the conflict. The representatives of the channel and the actress has not yet commented on the incident.