The grown daughter of Yulia Savicheva has changed

Подросшая дочка Юлии Савичевой сильно изменилась
The singer told about what it looks like now 10-month-old Anna.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Julia Savicheva

In mid-July, Julia Savicheva will celebrate the first birthday of my daughter. Anya came to light last year in Portugal, where the singer was hiding the pregnancy from the public’s attention. Ten-month-old girl Savicheva, the spouse of the singer — composer Alexander not show to the public. But Julia sometimes shares details of what changes occur in the appearance of Ani as of extension.

Shortly after the birth of Julia talked about the fact that her daughter is growing externally, a copy of his father. From mom Anya to inherit red hair. However, over time the hair girls acquired a darker shade, than she admitted to fans the other day.

“All I can remember was a redhead. A little lighter, a little darker, but anyway how. By the way, Anna began to darken. Now she’s light brown and curly. So red in the regiment departed. I’ve never been a brunette or a blonde. If only the filming of the show or movie, but wigs are not considered”, — says Julia.

Interestingly, Savicheva one year three became a mother: when the baby singer was six months, Julia has decided to take custody of the two children from the orphanage.