The group “Fruits”: “Ivan Urgant is your guy!”

Группа «Фрукты»: «Ваня Ургант — свой парень!»
Exclusive interview c musicians of the popular project.

Группа «Фрукты»: «Ваня Ургант — свой парень!»

Before the big solo concert of the group “Fruits” was found
with the musicians who became superstars thanks to the show “Evening Urgant”. On
how is it hard to be “the children of TV”, and that “fruit”, Ivan Urgant, read
in our interview.

— What is your relationship like within the band? Have
what “role” — not professional, but human?

Since we met at school here
can’t be choosers. We were a real family, especially given the amount of time,
we spend together. “Bodypage” (a radio system which
the musicians come on stage) Sasha Dahl from the beginning of the creation of the group appeared
the label “MOM”, of course, is no accident. Sasha is the parent, and all
the musicians are directly children. Sasha takes care that the conditions
our professional lives as comfortable as possible intertwined with household
party. Once we got on the train Saint Petersburg – Moscow and still not
bought a return ticket, since our family moved to the capital to
to be next to us.

— What
circumstances and who had the idea of creating a group?

— It happened in St. Petersburg. I met
well-known restaurateur Aram Mnatsakanov, who is wanted in his
restaurants, live music, but quiet, — says Sasha Dahl. — So I
gathered a group, which became one of the first in Russia to play unplugged (not
connecting to electrical equipment). Aram gave us a great chance
to have 10 permanent sites for our experiments and search for identity. Thanks
by the time we have sung, played and found their own unique sound
which to this day can “catch” in our solo concerts.

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  • Группа «Фрукты»: «Ваня Ургант — свой парень!»
    Ivan Urgant

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