Группа «Банд'Эрос»: это «не то, что вы подумали!»

“That’s what longer Africans? No, not what you think!” – singing group “band’eros” in his new video. And if you want to know what they mean, read the news and watch the clip.

“This South African folk song” – joke artists. We ask it a question and immediately answer it yourself: “that’s what longer Africans? No, not what you think! And unlike many, I respond differently (laugh) Summer!” But for recording songs and shooting the video, we learned a lot of answers to this question. Some can even compose a couple of songs.

The track “Not what you thought” – that “we are all so different and everyone carries differently, so the video appears a large number of characters, including some animals. In addition to filming in the pavilion filmed also on location, including very naturally portrayed the African summer in the Mitino Park. Casual witnesses have opened their mouths in astonishment, seeing the near suburbs, painted Africans playing on long horns didgeridoo.

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A few words from the direct participants of the process.

Tanya Milovidova: “I Love summer video flowing dresses, playful hardware, bliss, the sun, the feeling of freedom and infinity of life. I hope that the frame will transmit to you our feelings of happiness and lightness.”

Roma: “Absolutely crazy few days, fun, positive sea, dancing. This should be a summer. We have to live life to the fullest, to smile, to give a positive charge to all others – all this we tried to accommodate in the short three minutes of our lives. Catch the country on television and in your monitors!”

Natalia Ibadan: “there Are in the career of every artist the tedious shooting, but this time everything was completely different, minutes flashed by like seconds, hours like moments, and I wanted to enjoy every moment. Very bright, very fun, very provocatively. I sincerely wish yourself to always be so” (laughs).

Vladimir Soldatov: “still before my eyes run juicy moments and images! Color, paint, the whole range of positive emotions and bright actors and characters, decorating a filming process! Minimum sleep and maximum creativity with a sufficient degree of professionalism and dedication. This summer definitely was hotter and raznocvetnie after those few days… And I hope the clip even extend it for a few weeks!”

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