The group 5sta Family said goodbye to a soloist

Группа 5sta Family попрощалась с солисткой Lera Kozlova decided to leave the team. The girl made an official statement on the page in Instagram. Fans were upset about the sudden news, but were quick to wish the artist good luck in his future endeavors.

Over the years the group 5sta Family she had your fan club. Fans of the band and appreciate their music in a unique style and sound. After the departure of Julianna Karaulova place soloist took Lera Kozlova. The girl performed songs of the ensemble for two years, but now decided to be realized in the framework of other projects.

The girl made an official statement on his page in Instagram. She thanked fans for their support and love.

“To inform you that the second of December in Nizhny Novgorod will be the last concert with my participation in the group “5sta Family”. Very grateful to the guys for the experience and the time we spent together! Wish you success and creative heights! It was great, but unfortunately, the heart again pulling me in another direction and I need to move on,” – said Kozlov.

Fans of the band were surprised at this news, because Lera is not reported, for whatever reason, decided to leave the band. It is also unknown who will take her place and will now fulfill many of your favorite hits.

Subscribers Gantry suggested that she plans to develop a solo project. At the same time, other fans believe that the actress may again be part of the group “Ranetki”, which recently released a few new songs. Valerie herself has not commented on the rumors about his future plans.

Group “Ranetki” triumphant return to the stage

“But what about 5sta Family? It is unlikely they will be able to find the same vivid soloist”, “the Team is losing popularity, she went from there”, “I’m sorry! I hope Leroy will not leave us long without my music”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the actress.

Earlier in an interview with Lera has repeatedly said that can not imagine own life without music. DZA the time that she played in the band “5sta Family”, she managed to make friends with colleagues across the stage. To do this, the artist tried to build a solo career and even released a few hits, popular among her fans so far. It is possible that the group will soon perform an audition for the vacant position of soloist.