Родители жениха довели Сати Казанову до слез The singer revealed details of the affair with a foreigner. Sati Casanova became acquainted with Stefano at the wedding of a friend. The couple plans to formalize relations this fall. The star has managed to get along with the family of the beloved and present it to your loved ones.
Родители жениха довели Сати Казанову до слез

Ex-participant of group “Factory” Sati Casanova is going to marry a Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. As told by the artist, they met less than a year ago in Germany at the wedding of her close friend. According to the singer, she was disappointed in the relationship, so didn’t even think that will go away so soon.

“It would seem that every woman is a “built-in” unconditional readiness for marriage. I’m probably kind of unusual in that regard. Whenever I was close to the wedding, I began to dream disturbing dreams, there were all sorts of signs – as if God had taken this step”, said Sati.

During the first meeting Casanova was skeptical towards the Italian, although everyone claimed that they looks perfect together. However, the couple started much later. Sati and Stefano were talking in the distance. The photographer sent the singer footage from trips, and she admired his talent. After a while they went into Skype and made a Frank conversation.

“When we contacted the first time, I fell into a stupor. I saw what was happening to him the same thing. He said, “If you’re worried just as I’m worried, or at least a hundredth part, it gives me hope that you feel about the same as I am.” I say: “Oh Yes! I worry no less than you, and maybe more.” At first we were such hints, and then began to talk very openly, sincerely, without any coquetry. I honestly admitted that I had and there are certain fears of relationships, and he told me about his,” said Casanova.

As admitted Sati, Stefano began to teach Russian language, and it is actively mastering Italian. The girl said that she received a proposal of marriage very suddenly. Sati Kazanova gets married to a foreigner

“One day we suddenly started talking about how we will continue to live. And Stefano said, “Perhaps it makes sense to me at first to come to Russia, wait until you learn Italian, adapted to the new situation.” I wondered: “what new position?” “Well, we’ll be married… I’m not… will You be my wife?” And I said, “Yes”, – shared the artist.

Sati does not yet know what will be her wedding. Since both the groom and the bride have a very busy work schedules, they did not appoint a specific date of the celebration. According to Casanova, they have received the blessing from his father Stefano. “He hugged me us and told me: “you are my daughter. I accept you in my heart and in my family”. I burst into tears”, – said Sati.

The chosen artist is also familiar with her parents, however, talked to them only on Skype. As recognized by Casanova in an interview with “Hello!”, the first time after the wedding, they with the beloved man will live in Russia, but then plan to move to Italy.