The groom, Sati Kazanova gave her a romantic surprise

Жених Сати Казановой устроил ей романтический сюрприз The singer celebrated the day of birth in one of the restaurants located in the center of Moscow. Holiday Sati Casanova took place in the company of loved ones. The chosen artist Stefano Tiozzo surprised by her unexpected appearance and bright room.
Жених Сати Казановой устроил ей романтический сюрприз

Singer Sati Kazanova, who is preparing for her wedding with Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo, celebrated a birthday. 2 Oct the former soloist of group “Factory” 35 years old. On this occasion, a celebrity threw a party in one of capital restaurants of Italian cuisine.

Among the guests were actress Ekaterina Odintsova, Mitya Fomin, Brandon stone, Daria jeweler Peter and many others. Friends Casanova congratulated her with the holiday on social networks.

“With the beautiful birthday girl Sati Casanova. Be happy and rejoice each day! You’re gentle and kind, thankful for our friendship. I chose flowers that reflect your character,” – said Ekaterina Odintsova on Instagram.

Brandon stone wished the friend of love and positivity. “Only the light in life,” he added. “Shine, Shine and raduy us with their incredible voice” – wrote in turn, Daria Peter.

Sister of the birthday girl Mariana Casanova joined the numerous congratulations. “My piece, my bright ray, my love! Let every day you will be happy, full of love for people and life. Love all your kind, large, light heart and be loved the same heart in response. I love you,” he told the girl.

At the party Sati Casanova was not without surprises. The chosen singer was surprised by her unexpected appearance at the festival. The artist was delighted with the fact that Stefano Tiozzo still came to the celebration, although the previously refused because of employment. “You should have seen the face of my Sati,” said Daria Peter. The bridegroom performer also gave her a romantic gift.

“The real surprise today I received Sati Kazanova to your birthday! Her beloved and future husband, Stephen, flew in from Italy, though, and told Sati that work will arrive tomorrow. And sang in the Russian language of her new song “Thank you”. It was very touching!” – said Ekaterina Odintsova.

Recall that the marriage ceremony of sati Casanova, Stefano Tiozzo will be held in October. Lovers have decided not to resort to agencies on organization of holidays and took the trouble to themselves. Sati Kazanova will replace four wedding dresses

Жених Сати Казановой устроил ей романтический сюрприз“We will have three weddings, – said the singer “StarHit”, registration in a narrow circle of friends, a family meal in the Caucasus, in compliance with the traditions and great Italian celebration at the home of the bridegroom.”