The groom is a billionaire dumped Mariah Carey under the influence of sectarians

Жених-миллиардер бросил Мэрайю Кэри под влиянием сектантов Western journalists have reported that the reason for the separation of the star and her lover could become Scientologists. The fact that James packer has turned for help to the infamous Tommy Davis, who previously worked with Tom cruise. Under his influence, the businessman completely changed his views on life.

      Recently it became known that the 45-year-old singer Mariah Carey and her boyfriend, 48-year-old billionaire James packer, has terminated the engagement. It happened right on the eve of the wedding of the actress. Thus, celebrities will have to postpone wedding ring with diamonds 35 carat and the wedding dress purchased in June. And recently, it was reported about the reasons of the groom Mariah to refuse an offer of marriage. Journalists argue that packer came under the influence of an organization founded by Ron Hubbard.

      The culprit destroyed the engagement Cary called the 44-year-old Scientologist Tommy Davis, who not only gained control over the finances of the packer, but also encouraged him to start a cleansing program aimed at detoxifying the body. In addition, Davis allegedly forced the billionaire to break off relations with a famous singer. According to journalists, Tommy imposes your way of life lover of Mariah and makes James to cut costs, including on her feet. Of course, the artist categorically did not like.

      However, other sources claim that happiness Cary was destroyed because of its popularity. “Mariah is a diva, had her own retinue, and she starred in a TV show. James doesn’t want to have anything to do with this crazy world of show business”, – has told to journalists a source close to the star. He also claims that the decision of the packer was made independently, without foreign influence. “James is not one of the people that listens to others when it comes to his personal life,” – said in an environment of the businessman and artist.

      Meanwhile, the singer demands from my fiance in the amount of $ 50 million. They say, Cary in sorrow due to the fact that the packer messed up her life. Money artist need to compensate for the inconvenience suffered by her fiancé. After all, he was the reason Mariah has canceled a number of concerts in South America, but also changed his life dramatically; moved from new York to Los Angeles. A source close to the celebrity says that Carey had to leave home to packer could communicate with their children.

      Recall that on the engagement of Mariah Carey and businessman James packer became known in January of this year. Beloved celebrity made her an offer in new York. The pair met in 2014 in the movie “Hercules”, however, James and Mariah for a long time hid their relationship.