Жених устроил для Кэти Перри римские каникулы
The singer and her lover were blessed by the Pope.

Жених устроил для Кэти Перри римские каникулы

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom

Photo: @katyperry Instagram Katy Perry

41-year-old bloom had arranged for Katy Perry, who recently
announced that it has engaged Orlando, the wonderful “Roman holiday.” And although Katie is not too
similar to Audrey Hepburn, who played the heroine of the eponymous film, her trip with
favorite turned to be romantic and beautiful. Katie and Orlando has plenty of that already
around town, visited the sights of Rome, including the Colosseum. And then
was granted an audience with the Pope, who blessed and Perry, and Orlando.
So now the lovers can assume that their relationship is approved by the head
of the Catholic Church.

Katie seriously
about the visit to the Pope. If she walked around Rome in a white summer
dress in a thin strip, then a visit to the Vatican she was dressed appropriately
read: Perry was in a black dress with a hat of the same color on the head. After all
the rules of etiquette, in the presence of the Pope, whose white vestments, clothes of the same
the colors are allowed to wear only members of Royal families.

Photo: @katyperry Instagram Katy Perry

Passers-by who saw Katie and Orlando on the streets of Rome, testified that they looked completely happy and in love. So their idea is to give your relationship a second chance, which they launched earlier this year was, apparently, quite successful.

Recall that Katie and Orlando, which began to meet in 2016 , in March last year, announced the completion of his novel. However, it took a little more than six months, as they began to see again together. In February of this year, Perry arrived at my sister’s wedding, caught the bouquet that was interpreted as her desire to get married as soon as possible. However, after that, she with a bouquet of sped rapidly away. Katie then commented then their actions: “I know how to value friendship, but run away from love, which I have…” what Orlando bloom said, “You can, of course, to try to escape, but you can’t hide from yourself!”