Жених устроил драку на проекте "Замуж за Бузову" (видео)
What were fighting men, attacking three on one.

Жених устроил драку на проекте "Замуж за Бузову" (видео)

I propose to consider the situation from the beginning. Grooms left five, which means that competition is increasing.

One of the contenders for the heart of Olga Valentin Korobkov, on which three other guys respond not flattering, saying that in fact his goal is only money, Buzova he spit, as well as stories about what the guy’s criminal record, which he chose to hide.

Olga, having listened to all three guys, I decided to ask this same question to Valentin directly. He denied everything except the phrase that “to enter the top five would be great”.

And then went to beat all the gossip person.

Here you can see how it was: