Жених поставил Леди Гаге ультиматум

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are engaged February 2015, but since then the pair will not step closer to the ceremony which, in the end, will make them husband and wife.

How to tell close to the stars informants, they very carefully think through your wedding, because the preparation was delayed so long. According to rumors such thoroughness does not withstand even the groom himself, because set his lover an ultimatum.

“Taylor tries to be involved in the preparation, but still kept a little aloof. He sometimes pulls away because sometimes there are real problems. Once he even put Lady Gaga ultimatum: the wedding will take place now or never,” he shared family secrets pairs insider.

“Stephanie (Germanotta) is torn between Italy and Hawaii each week. She can’t decide. Sometimes Taylor wants to help, but still can not withstand,”- said the source.

Hope vows Kinney and Germanotta will share in the near future and this will take place so as to wish the groom and the bride.


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