Седина в бороду: 87-летний Иван Краско хочет уйти от молодой жены
In the family of the famous actor raging passion.

Ivan Krasko with his wife Natalia

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

actor Ivan Krasko emotionally talked with his young wife Natalya and the former
wife Natalia Vial. In the program “really” with Dmitry Shepelev
young wife Krasko demanded that children born in the marriage of Ivan Ivanovich
and Natalia Vial passed a DNA test.

reported that the eldest son Ivan refuses to undergo this procedure
their own. In response, the Director Krasko Vyacheslav Smorodinov said
she lies all the time. At this point, the Studio came himself Ivan.
I wonder what he came for shooting in a shirt, which he bought
the ex-wife.

managed to get ex-Ivan to send to the expertise of their senior

The results showed
Ivan Ivanovich Krasko is indeed the father of the eldest son of Natalia
Wall. “The probability of paternity is 99.9 percent,” said Dmitry Shepelev and asked
Natalia Krasko keep calm.

After that
Krasko joked that maybe he go to the third woman? He almost turned
the examiner Pantus: “Sabinochka, save me. This is my official

In a recent
interview to “Caravan of stories” Ivan Ivanovich recalled how he was happy when
married to Natalia.

an unlikely Alliance all around reacted violently. When we came to the registry office
Admiralty district to apply, in the doorway was a big part
team — recalls the actor. — Me, to put it mildly, looking surprised.
Indeed, in 2001, I there led another Natalia Nikolaevna. And here the bride
even younger and the age difference we have more. Seeing General interest,
asked workers of the registry office: “please Tell me you recorded mental
marriage?” They smiled and nodded. Believe me — I did not dissemble. Our marriage
really sincere, friendly, respectful. Although quarrels sometimes
flash: Natalia willed character and is important is not the subject of the dispute, and who
will win it the upper hand. Jokingly called the fighting “arena brains”. But
to quarrel with her, too. Not for nothing do they say: lovers ‘ tiffs