The grandson of Valentin Yudashkin said their first words

Внук Валентина Юдашкина сказал свои первые слова
Spouse couturier shared family news.

Marina Yudashkin with his grandson Anatoly

Photo: Instagram

Marina Yudashkin told how wonderful feeling
in the role of a grandmother. “It’s just wonderful to please and pamper a beloved grandson,
— says the wife of the designer. — We are constantly buying him toys and pretty things and
just recently gave Talence train, which you can ride
top. Of course, while still a toddler is held it only with our help”.

The son of Galina Yudashkina and Peter Maksakova
in just nine months. The kid has already started to utter the first lucid
words. “Or rather, not even words, but the syllables: “bababa” (as he calls me)
and “mamama,” smiles Marina. — It is gratifying that the first syllable was precisely
“bababa”. He said that “the word,” look me in the eye. So I’m very happy.”

Galina Yudashkin became a mother for the fifth of April last
years in one of new York clinics. During pregnancy Marina was near
daughter. Giving birth to a child, Galina was in no hurry to show the baby
fans, so his appearance in five months in light has caused a real
the furore.

The boy was presented to the public as part of the show
a new collection of his famous grandfather. At the very end of the show appeared on the podium
Galina together with Anatoly.