Внук Софии Ротару вырос настоящим красавцем
Anatoliy Yevdokymenko was 24 years old.

Photo: Instagram

Sofia Rotaru congratulated my grandson’s birthday Anatolia. The young man yesterday marked 24 years.

“My good, be healthy and happy! And let luck never leaves you!” — wrote the 70-year-old singer in his personal blog.

Fans of the stars were struck, of which Anatoly was an adult and beautiful. And noticed, surprisingly, as parents with an ordinary appearance of the son Rotaru and her sister were born such beautiful children.

Granddaughter Rotaru, Sofia, too, first appeared in a secular society a few years ago. She, then 15-year-old made a splash on the elite ball of Tatler magazine, when it became a debutante. Today she’s a famous model, not only in Russia and Ukraine, but throughout Europe. The girl lives in London, studying there and took part in many fashion shows and photo shoots. Western fashion-critics call Sofia Yevdokymenko new Brooke shields and predict a great future.

As for the grandson of the famous artist, as far as we know, he is not yet married. The young man also studied in the field of fashion industry in London and now professionally engaged in photography.