Внук российского миллиардера покончил с собой из-за безответной любви Before you die, son of a Russian billionaire has written a note in which he indicated that the cause of suicide are a problem in your personal life. The grandson of a tycoon from Forbes, Yuri Gushchin-Kuznetsov, was only 19 years old.
Внук российского миллиардера покончил с собой из-за безответной любви

“The rich also cry” – the famous phrase lately applied to many celebrities. So, the tragedy has happened in the family of an oligarch from Forbes Yury Guschin – his grandson, Yuri Gushchin-Kuznetsov, jumped out of the window of his apartment, located on the Leningrad highway. The reason is clear to just about everyone – unrequited love. The love that could not buy even the son of an influential billionaire.

A tragic event happened on 15 June, but became aware of it only today. As it turned out, relatives of Yuri tried by all means to hush up the case and conceal information about the death of a young man. According to the official version, the body Gushchina, Jr. found the Concierge. The woman says that at about midnight I heard a thud, and when he came out of the entrance, nearby saw the body.

Before his death, the jury wrote the note. In it the young man admitted that he was in love, but the girl didn’t reciprocate. Assumptions about drug or alcohol intoxication was not confirmed at autopsy in the blood of the heir of billionaire found nothing. However according to the guy still was – the guy was suffering from gambling addiction. Journalists managed to find out that some hours prior to suicide, Yuri lost a decent amount in an online casino.

It is unknown what was the cause of the tragic death of a young man. According to recent reports, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under article 110 of the criminal code “incitement to suicide”.

Recall that the grandfather of the deceased Yuri Gushchin is one of the richest people in Russia. His income for the year 2018, amounted to one billion rubles, which allowed the entrepreneur to take the 100-th place in the Forbes list.

The father committed suicide, young is also a shareholder of the company “Guta” and the mother of Yuri Elena works as an assistant to the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov on health care.

Telegram-channel “112” said, where was buried Yuri Gushchin-Smiths, and when took place the official ceremony of farewell. Now the family of a young man trying to do everything possible to find out the true cause of his suicide. Friends of the deceased claim that they did not notice him suicidal. Yuri led standard, Golden youth, lifestyle, traveled often and loved to sail.