Внук убитой Александры Завьяловой впервые заговорил о трагедии The heir turned to who killed my grandmother my dad. He regrets that not met your father before. Because then maybe Peter would not have become dependent on alcohol, and murder of Alexandra Zavyalova could not happen.

      Внук убитой Александры Завьяловой впервые заговорил о трагедии

      In early February, the country was shocked by news of the murder of a famous actress Alexandra Zavyalova. On the eve of his 80th birthday the actress died at the hands of his son Peter. According to relatives, the man himself told them what he had done, but he couldn’t remember how it was a terrible tragedy. It is also known that Peter is suffering from alcoholism and may have been in a deranged state at the time of the crime.

      Alexandra Zavyalova died at the hands of the son

      Still the media was not aware that my son Zavyalova is the heir. The boy, whose name is Nikita, doesn’t know her father – he met with the Pope only in infancy. First appeared in Studio of the program “live,” the young man admitted that he would like to meet with a parent. Maybe if this happened before, Peter’s life would have turned out differently, and the crimes would not have happened.

      “A lot of emotions, and it’s a shame, and maybe some resentment. Because, as you know, there was no contact”, – said Nikita. The fact that the young man did not communicate neither with the father nor with the famous grandmother. “They may be, have become hostages of this situation that she was old, and Peter was alcoholism,” continued the young man.

      Внук убитой Александры Завьяловой впервые заговорил о трагедии

      Program expert suggested that such a crime Peter could do, being in a state of pathological intoxication, that is when he saw the mother some sort of threat, and he could not distinguish reality from his illusions. Perhaps what happened to him even so-called “white heat”, when the mother appeared in a strange scary manner, which prompted the man to commit a crime.

      In addition, in the Studio, they read the letter that Peter had sent from prison to his friend Alice. “What happened, did not fit in my head. All too silly and scary. As there will be more – and better not to think About me… in fact is written, but I still hope, will give the minimum. The lawyer said he would apply to about any special tests that will examine the case, taking in a prison psychiatric hospital to see how my head is…” – posted by the accused in the murder of the mother of the man.

      While there is a consequence, and Peter is in jail, his son took the opportunity to appeal to the Pope during a talk show. “Sixteen years is quite difficult to formulate the words that I would like to address the father. I might say that, of course, each child must have a father. And once it happened that my mom broke up with Peter, and he tried to make contact, I certainly would like to have a father. I want him to wish that in the future he’ll stop drinking, have tried to quit and have tried to live the rest of his life with dignity. I’m not even talking, start communicating with me, but at least for myself,” said Nikita.

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