Внука Леонида Брежнева похоронили в Москве Andrei Brezhnev did not July 11, in the Crimea. The cause of death was myocardial infarction. Close chose not to disclose the place of burial, doing the ceremony closed to outsiders.
Внука Леонида Брежнева похоронили в Москве

The tenth of July in the family of General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev was a tragedy — has left the life of the grandson of policy Andrew. At the time of his death he was 57 years, and the cause of the tragedy was the myocardial infarction. The terrible event was reported by the Chairman of the regional branch of the party “Rodina” Konstantin Knarik. The man’s death was a real blow to his inner circle.

“Terrible news from the Crimea — gone is my friend and comrade Andrei Brezhnev. Had so many plans, so many things experienced — for me it was an honor,” a message on the social network was left by a friend of the grandson of the Secretary General Sergey Mendeleyev.

Today, July 14, relative of a famous politician buried in a Moscow cemetery. The place of burial is not disclosed. We only know that to hold them the way came a few dozen people.

A farewell ceremony was held behind closed doors, and was attended by only the closest.

The grandson of Leonid Brezhnev died of a heart attack

Family policy has real bad luck. The fact that in the beginning of the year did not, and granddaughter of the Secretary General of Victoria Philippi. For some time the woman struggled with serious illness — cancer, but despite all efforts of doctors, failed to win over the disease. The successor of Brezhnev before the latter was concealed from loved ones with health problems.

“She told me about the disease in December we 31st texted to say happy New year. It was not that suddenly, she looked very bad. I was hoping that she would recover, gave five thousand to the New year,” shared daughter, Victoria Filippova
Внука Леонида Брежнева похоронили в Москве

At Philippi at the time had a difficult relationship with her mother Galina Brezhneva, which at the end of life lived in a nursing home. There Galina was because of a whim: she had a complex character and did not want to live under the care of his daughter.

“She drank very much, we had to do something. I couldn’t let her die under the fence,” said Filippov in life.

And here Andrey Brezhnev with relatives practically do not conflict. He, like his grandfather, was actively involved in politics. In 1983, the grandson of Leonid Ilyich received economic education at MGIMO. He built quite a successful career and held high positions. On account of his post of Deputy head of foreign relations Department of the Ministry of trade.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Brezhnev had devoted himself to the work in commercial structures. In the late 90s, Andrei Brezhnev decided to become a politician. Before his death, he lived in Sevastopol, and rarely gave interviews. The grandson of a famous politician led indoor lifestyle and did not like to answer personal questions.