Внук Леонида Брежнева умер от инфаркта At the time of the death of the politician was in the Crimea. Andrei Brezhnev was only 57. He took an active part in politics and ran for local elections from the party “Rodina”.
Внук Леонида Брежнева умер от инфаркта

Today it became known that died the grandson of General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei. The economist and the policy was only 57 years old. As have informed in its environment, it happened due to heart attack. Brezhnev was in the Crimea. The terrible news was announced by Chairman of the regional branch of the party “Rodina” Konstantin Knarik.

“Yes, indeed, he died. The cause of death was a heart attack,” – said the politician.

The son of Yuri Leonidovich received economic education – graduated from MGIMO in 1983. After that, he held responsible positions – was the Deputy chief of foreign relations Department of the Ministry of trade, and after the collapse of the USSR, he worked in commercial structures. In the late 90s, the grandson of the Secretary-General tried his hand in politics. The last time I lived in Sevastopol.

Earlier this year died and the granddaughter of Leonid Ilyich Victoria Filippova. For several years she struggled with cancer, however, neither the family nor the doctors were unable to save her health. As it turned out, she had concealed the illness from those closest to you.

“She told me in December we 31st texted to say happy new year. It was not that suddenly, she looked very bad. I was hoping that she would recover, gave five thousand for the New year,” recalled daughter.

Also now the family of the daughter of Leonid Brezhnev Galina trying to find her inheritance. However, while this they can do so and failed. Civil husband of the granddaughter Brezhnev accused of lying because of the inheritance

Unlike children, Yury Leonidovich, his sister’s family is not much interested in politics. As it became known “TASS” informed Brezhnev ran in the local elections of the party “Rodina”.