The granddaughter of Queen spoke about his personal drama

Внучка королевы рассказала о своей личной драме
Zara admitted that helped her survive.

Внучка королевы рассказала о своей личной драме

Zara You Came Out


37-year-old Zara
You came out, the daughter of Princess Anne, said that last year and a half of her life
was not easy. During this time she had to move from two personal
drama: she lost two children. If the first
the incident in December 2016, it announced earlier, then the second she’s had the courage to tell.

“It was necessary that
it took some time. It is, as they say, the best doctor…” explained
granddaughter of the Queen. The second child she lost at a comparatively early period. Perhaps she could carry it easier if before that it does not suffer the same
misfortune shortly before the time of childbirth. “According to the doctors, my baby
killed my stomach. But he was already so large that not
I did not do the operation, and artificially induced labor…” said Zara.

“It was awful.
The only thing that helped us survive is that we had a daughter MIA. Her cheerfulness
helped me and Dawn to come back to life…” — said the husband of Zara, Mike, you came out professional
Rugby player retired.

However, now in the family
granddaughter Queen finally well again. In June of this year, MIA has appeared
little sister. After going through the trials, Zara again
became a mother: she gave birth to a girl. The baby was born rather large, with a weight of
a little more than four pounds. As it became known, the husband of Zara attended

Zara and Mike you came out with her daughter MIA