Внучка принцессы Грэйс Келли обручилась с сыном французской актрисы Кароль Буке
Wedding of Princess Charlotte will take place very soon.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam


As announced recently, the Princess 31-year-old
Charlotte is the niece of the Prince of Monaco
Albert and granddaughter of grace Kelly got engaged with his 36-year-old boyfriend Dimitri
Rastamon. The first time Charlotte, new to her status of the bride, appeared with
the groom at the audience at the famous Rose
Ball held annually in Monaco – one of the
the most “glamorous” events.

Charolotte was at the ball just dazzling —
elegant dress from Saint
Laurent, decorated with white feathers, and on her arm was glowing
diamond ring, given to her by Dimitri’s engagement party. The groom is in a Tux
and the butterfly looked no less imposing. As for moms of Charlotte
Princess Caroline, sister of Prince albert, who also was present at the ball,
she was beaming with happiness. According to rumors, she is very pleased with the engagement of his daughter.
It is curious that only a week ago, Carolina was married to the stepson, son of his third
husband Ernst of Hanover Prince Christian.

As for the groom — he is a man
fairly well-known. First, he is a successful producer, filmography
which is already more than two dozen films. And secondly, he was the son of the famous
French actress Carole bouquet, who, incidentally, was a close friend
grandmother of the bride — grace Kelly. Demetrius will go to the altar not for the first time. In the past he was already married — on the model of Russian origin — Masha Novoselova.
From this marriage Rasama have a daughter, now 6 years old. Charlotte,
unlike Demetrius, married not yet. Although she also has a child — 4
year old son raphaël whose father was her ex-boyfriend, French actor Gad Elmaleh.

According to rumors, the Charlotte and Demetrius, who
started Dating a little over a year ago, are not going to postpone the wedding
for a long time. They intend to get married this summer. As for
the alleged site of the ceremony, they will likely be
Sicily, where the mother of the bridegroom — Carole bouquet — there is a luxury Villa.