Внучка принцессы Грейс Келли отменила свадьбу
Charlotte will become a mother soon.

Внучка принцессы Грейс Келли отменила свадьбу

Charlotte Casiraghi with Dimitri Rassman


Charlotte Casiraghi with his son Raphael


31-year-old Charlotte Casiraghi,
granddaughter of Monaco’s Prince Rainier and his wife grace Kelly, was forced
to cancel scheduled for this summer wedding with her fiancé and 36-year-old
Dimitri Rastamon. The fact that Charlotte is pregnant and will soon become
mom. So the celebration was postponed at least until autumn.

The child is now waiting for Charlotte,
will be her second: the titled lady already has 4-year-old son Raphael, from her previous
boyfriend, actor Gad Elmaleh. Dimitri, too, will become a father for the first time. But
unlike Charlotte, the first Race was already officially married – on the model
Russian-born Masha Novoselova, who bore him a daughter.

That Charlotte is betrothed to Demetrius
Rassman, became known in March of this year. In new to her status of the bride she
once there with the bridegroom to the public at the famous Rose Ball every year
held in Monaco, one of the most “glamorous” events. On the arm of Charlotte flashed a stunning wedding
a diamond ring, which was simply impossible
not to notice.

Recall Charlotte and Dimitri began Dating in early 2017. And
they met in Paris, in the house mom
Rassam, the famous French actress Carole bouquet,
which is a close friend of Charlotte’s mother Princess Caroline. Between
by the way, 61-year-old Carolina, thanks to a not yet born baby will be
a grandmother for the fifth time. She already has four grandchildren, whom she was happy
sons Andrea and Pierre, the brothers Charlotte.