The granddaughter of a millionaire died in a car crash in Switzerland

Внучка миллионера разбилась в автокатастрофе в Швейцарии

Along with 19-year-old granddaughter of businessman of Yukos Platon Lebedev was killed by her 23-year-old friend.

Nov 24, in Switzerland the road near lake Lugano flew a super car and from a great height fell in the water.

Rescuers immediately arrived at the scene, however due to the fact that the road passes on a bridge around the mountains and cars fell off it at high speed, it instantly sank. To raise the car, rescuers had to call on the aid of special equipment and divers. Alas, the driver and his passenger survived.

Car raised on the surface using a construction crane, the car was badly damaged, due to the twisted case, experts have suggested that the driver greatly exceeds the speed of rotation.

In the cabin was a 23-year-old man and 19-year-old Russian – reports It is believed the foreign media, was Diana Lebedeva, granddaughter of the defendant in the Yukos affair, businessman Platon Lebedev. Official confirmation of this information yet, but all of the pages of Diana in social networks filled with condolences.

“You won’t believe it, classmate. I see your photos, you’re so alive. Though we have been not communicated, I remember all the school years, all the moments. Remember, love, mourn. I don’t believe it’s impossible…” – write the familiar.

“I feel sorry for the girl. However, there was no need to go at speed. There’s a serpentine highway” – added random guests.

We will remind that the verdict to the representative of “Golden youth”, which raced the capital at night. 23-year-old Mara Baghdasaryan together with friends in the SUV fled from police pursuit, breaking all possible traffic rules. The girl was punished by compulsory works for 600 hours, administrative arrest and a fine of 134 million rubles.

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In the meantime…

A few hours later after appearing in news media about the terrible accident at the Russian Embassy in Bern confirmed the death of the granddaughter of a businessman.

“The deceased was indeed the granddaughter of Platon Lebedev,” – said the Embassy, RIA Novosti reported. The Embassy also noted that currently staff are working to help the family as soon as possible to take out the bodies of young people to the homeland.