The graduate and her mother is a clerk escaped from the Adygea Republic after the scandal with medal

Выпускница и ее мать-чиновница сбежали из Адыгеи после скандала с медалью Story featuring Zaira Paranuk from the village takhtamukay took a new turn. In the air one of the shows her classmate, Ruzanna Tuco reiterated that the teachers made concessions to the daughter of the head of the Department of education, exaggerating her assessment. The creators of the program have found that other two participants of the conflict left their homes after the incident.
Выпускница и ее мать-чиновница сбежали из Адыгеи после скандала с медалью

About a week ago at school No. 1 tahtamukaysky district of Adygeya was a conflict between two pupils. During the presentation of certificates student Ruzanna Tuco said that the other girl paruk of Zaire received a gold medal unfairly. According to her, the teachers were condescending to the girl, as her mother, Svetlana worked as the head of the Department of education.

In the Studio of “live” Ruzanna again confirmed the information, said at the graduation. Tuco insists that there is no personal conflict between them was not. Zaire came to school in the eleventh grade. Teachers believe that the allegations of the second medalist unfounded.

Выпускница и ее мать-чиновница сбежали из Адыгеи после скандала с медалью“We had no relations. She wasn’t my enemy and not a friend. But I have proof that surprised not only me. There is another voice-recording, where classmates learn that she’s a medal,” said Ruzanna.
Выпускница и ее мать-чиновница сбежали из Адыгеи после скандала с медалью

According to Tuco, before going on stage Paranuk swore at her when she asked why the girl stands among the contenders for a medal. By the way, according to the latest reward from the daughter of the official away, and the Ministry of education and science of the region made a check. At the end of the exam, Zaira was three in mathematics, however, according to the Minister of education of Adygea Kerashev Anzaur the exam results do not affect receive medals.

Some residents of the village did not approve the act of Ruzanna, and in a Network there was information that informed her mother asked her Paranuk to use his official position and put pressure on educators to daughter put a fiver on the Russian language.

At the moment the parent Zaira was removed from his post. The woman is not going to comment on the situation while the investigation is ongoing. Staff transfer addressed to aunt Schoolgirls to learn details of the relationship of the girl with the Ruzanna.

“We know the girl Zaire, it is more lively, more impulsive child, but here Ruzanna – surreptitiously, and there is a “restless” child, but it does not mean that no knowledge, no mind. A child may be “restless” and be smart. The girl studied, we know to the Tutors they were taken. They both clashed, naturally, from childhood even,” explained cousin Zaira.
Выпускница и ее мать-чиновница сбежали из Адыгеи после скандала с медалью

Tuco denies that they have had problems in the relationship. The girls really lived in the same yard. As experts say, checking estimates and results will affect all students in the class of school №1 of takhtamukayskiy district. Ruzanna and her father Ruslan presented evidence that other graduates have also noted the low results of Zaira. Conversations with children were recorded on tape.

During transfer revealed that the incident forced the family Paranuk to flee their homes. The first results of the trial at the school of Adygea will be known no later than a month.

“The poor woman had just picked up and left, with her daughter. Far. This stress, of course, everything in the yard must think it’s a personal dislike, that’s all. If you seek the truth, they let in the truth will find it. Why was she expecting a medal will be given until they are not told about this before? There are a lot of questions,” said aunt Zaira.