Власти Малави разрешили Мадонне удочерить близняшек The singer adopted four girls, Stella and Esther. Court of Malawi approved the request of the artist. Foreign media reported that Madonna and the children will soon return to the United States. According to the rules, the representative of the local governments go along with them to evaluate in what conditions will live babies.

      Власти Малави разрешили Мадонне удочерить близняшек

      The singer, who spent the end of January in the city of Lilongwe, capital of Malawi, was meant to last to keep secret the adoption of Stella and Esther. When the world press followed Malawian wrote that the star went to Africa for children, Madonna responded with a furious denial. The alleged purpose of the visit was the visit to children’s hospital and on work with her charitable Foundation.

      The authorities in Malawi did not like it. “We have her statement and all the documents – said the press Secretary of the court Mlenga Mvula. – We respect the desire of the Madonna to protect privacy, but not willing to lie to the public for the sake of it”.

      Government of Malawi expressed its dissatisfaction with the actions of the singer and wanted to refuse her on that basis, supported by the argument that last year left her native son. However, the final decision the court ruled in favor of Madonna.

      Singer against the President

      Власти Малави разрешили Мадонне удочерить близняшек

      Madonna is raising two adopted Malawian children – 11-year-old son David and 10-year-old daughter, Chifundo, better known as merci. Osinovaya both, she went to bypass the country’s laws, which require adoptive parents to be a citizen of Malawi or to reside there for at least half a year before you apply. In exchange for the indulgence of the Madonna promised to invest $14 million in the opening of the Academy.

      In April 2013, when the singer arrived in Malawi with David and mercy, the country’s President, Joyce Banda, through his officials asked where the promised Academy. Madonna claimed that building a new school, but, according to Her Excellency, it was too strong an expression for addition of classes to existing school buildings. The President also reminded Madonna about the fate of the local branch of her Foundation “Raising Malawi”, Closed because of poor management and hinted that it would be good to get a green light from the authorities before starting construction.

      “Madonna arrives in the village unannounced and enjoying the way the poor give her honour, said Madame Banda. She says: “I Will build here,” without asking whether it is anyone but her. I find her behaviour offensive”.
      Власти Малави разрешили Мадонне удочерить близняшек

      Madonna, by the time invested in the construction and renovation of schools approximately $400 thousand, offended. “Before my arrival the children were sitting on the ground under the trees, she said friends. – Let the President tell you that I’m building and draw attention to the country, the existence of which was previously known only to geographers”.

      In response Her Excellency has put Madonna on the view that mercy and David left home, which the foster mother stubbornly ignores. The boy’s father and grandmother of the girl had not seen them since the day of adoption, although the singer promised not to limit communication. Madonna recalled that he had received the boy in kit with pneumonia, malaria, and tuberculosis, which poor families could not, and caring government do not consider it necessary to treat. Whereupon the argument is over, but the singer is understood that before the end of the presidential term Joyce Gang no more kids from Malawi, she will not give up.

      Patience and a little effort

      Власти Малави разрешили Мадонне удочерить близняшек

      Now Malawi is run by a different President, who previously held the post of Minister of foreign Affairs. Because Madonna directly relates to foreign Affairs and had contact with him before, she managed to win the favor of the new authorities.

      The singer went through a proven – in case of success with the adoption of children has pledged $2 million to help local orphans. But with the situation in the family of the Madonna is not very okay. In September, when she performed in London, her 16-year-old son Rocco fled to the father – Director guy Ritchie – and refused to even talk with his mother, who alleged he was zatiranie.

      Speaking before the court in Lilongwe, the singer said that in any family misunderstandings occur, and she did everything possible to reconcile with Rocco. During the new year holidays son were vacationing with her at a ski resort in Switzerland, while living still prefers the father.

      “Family is most important for me – said Madonna. Everything I do serves a single purpose – to provide sons and daughters a good future. David reads the writings of fighters for racial equality, mercy plays the piano and listens to African music, so I don’t agree with the statement that they are cut off from the roots. We are an atypical family, but I assure you, our relationship with the children built on honesty and trust.”