Снова гол! Дэвид Бекхэм испытывает терпение своей супруги
Victoria’s husband allowed himself to public flirting with a young model.

Снова гол! Дэвид Бекхэм испытывает терпение своей супруги

David Beckham c Bella Hadid


David Beckham puzzled his
fans. It was filmed in France in the company of a young beauty — known model Bella Hadid. The couple were caught on the stadium in Paris — on the football
the match of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. We recall that in the past Beckham has a chance to play as
the one or for the other team.

As for David and Bella,
they, like, met at the stadium by accident, and then decided to sit down
next. However, as witnessed by other fans, 42-year-old Beckham and 21-year-old
Hadid suspiciously quickly found a common language. The entire game they animatedly chatted and flirted
with each other. As you can see in the photo, the eyes of David blazing
delight. Whether this sequel is still unknown. But, according to available
information, pictures appeared did not like David’s wife — 43-year-old

The last time the couple see each other
not too often: Victoria enthusiastically engaged in his business in London. And
David spends a lot of time in Miami, where he planned to create your own
football club. He was so preoccupied with Affairs that couldn’t even fly to new York to
eldest son Brooklyn, when he recently celebrated his 19th anniversary. However, Brooklyn
not offended by the father: the one touching congratulated him on the Network. Besides, his mother
Victoria, unlike David, found the time to come on the day of the birth of a son, though
for this she had to travel from Britain to America. Not to mention the fact that she
recently healed compression fracture of the legs, and a few days ago
moved with the aid of crutches. But perhaps most of all Brooklyn
pleased with the fact that next to him was his personal holiday favorite girl — Chloe Moretz.

David and Victoria Beckham