Девушка Егора Клинаева: «С Юрой нас связывают дружеские отношения» Lola Baranov revealed the truth about the alleged affair with a colleague on the series “Street”. According to some, young people supposedly are in a relationship. As said the actress, at the moment, she concentrated on work.
Девушка Егора Клинаева: «С Юрой нас связывают дружеские отношения»

Earlier in the week in the media appeared information that the 17-year-old star of the TV series “Street” Lola Baranova, who met with the dead peers Egor by Linaewen, twisted new novel. It was reported that the actress relationship with Yuri Nikolaenko, also playing in the TNT project.

Photos of young actors who appeared in the social media fueled rumors about their alleged affair. Fans Leli and Yuri found that they look great together and peppered them with questions about the status of relations in social networks. “StarHit” contacted Baranova, which shed light on the speculation of the public. The actress has denied the rumors about the passion of a colleague. According to the girl, at the moment, she concentrated on work.

“Jura, we have a warm and extremely friendly relationship, nothing more. Not to be confused with and attributed to actress romances with each partner. At the moment my heart is free, I head immersed in the profession and new projects,” said Lola.

Earlier Baranova attributed fascination Vladimir Khatskevich, playing the role of a Boar. The plot of the TV series “the Street” his character had an affair with the heroine Lely. A group photo of young artists in social networks made their fans guessing about their alleged relationship. However, such speculation turned out to be untrue. As reported by journalists, Khatskevich is Dating actress Love Ivanova, who played in the episodes “Mysterious passion”.

Premiere of “the Streets” took place on the second of October last year. The producers of the project say that it cannot be fit into the framework of one genre. According to them, the series is reality TV, Comedy, drama, romance, classic soap Opera and Thriller. Main characters are the inhabitants of the sleeping area of a big city: pupils, students, the oligarchs, Housewives and ordinary workers.

In a tragic accident, the executor of one of roles Egor Konaev died a few days before the release of the series on the screens. A young man was killed in an accident on the ring road. The sudden death of the actor who played in the TV series “the Teacher” and “Policeman with the ruble in Beskudnikovo”, was a real blow for his loved ones. Colleagues spoke about Yegor as cheerful and cheerful person with undeniable talent. Dmitry Nagiyev named death Clineva “personal tragedy”.