“The girl with the dragon tattoo” will be continued

«Девушка с татуировкой дракона» получит продолжение

Uruguayan Director Fede Alvarez has announced the release of the sequel of the movie “the girl with the dragon tattoo” “the Girl in the web” (“The Girl in the Spider’s Web”). He told this in an interview with “Digital Spy”.

“I could tell you a lot about the upcoming project, besides the fact that it’s true – we’re working on a sequel to “the Girl with the dragon tattoo,” and we are very excited. We are still in negotiations with the Studio, hammering out the details, Steven knight wrote the script. We will try to create a new tape in the same style as the first,” said the Director.
Recall that in the first film, starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. Alvarez is not yet able to confirm that the same star cast will take part in the filming of the sequel.
“This decision has not been taken yet,” said Alvarez.