The girl of the founder of the Soho Rooms did not come to his funeral

Девушка основателя Soho Rooms не пришла на его похороны Mary was not allowed to hold Sergey Tkachenko on his last journey. Relatives of the former owner of a fashionable Moscow club felt that her behavior could bring man to a nervous breakdown. Earlier, Maria has organized a fundraiser caused a storm of criticism on social networks.

      Девушка основателя Soho Rooms не пришла на его похороны

      Today in Moscow said goodbye to Sergey Tkachenko, the founder of the trendy Soho Rooms club. The man, known by the pseudonym Jeff, died last Sunday. The businessman fell from the window of his house after a quarrel with a girl. During the altercation with Mary, he stood on the window ledge and suddenly fell down. 1 February in the capital was held the funeral Tkachenko, the ceremony was held on the Shcherbinsky cemetery.

      Relatives of Sergey Tkachenko clarify the circumstances of his death

      According to journalists, the girl who died Mary came to see the beloved in the last journey. It is reported that the friends of Sergei Tkachenko told her not to come to the funeral. According to some close men, her behavior could bring the businessman to a nervous breakdown. Maria said goodbye to her husband in the morgue, it happened early in the morning.

      The correspondents also reported that at the funeral Tkachenko had not attended his ex-girlfriend Diana. According to some, she was unable to find the strength to attend the farewell to the businessman.

      Девушка основателя Soho Rooms не пришла на его похороны

      Earlier, Maria had announced the collection of funds, which caused a wave of criticism on social networks. The girl said that he needed help, but chose not to go into details. Many Internet users have accused Mary that she could provoke a tragedy that occurred at the end of January. She is the beloved founder of the popular capital of the institution did not comment on speculation of the public.

      The girl former owner of Soho Rooms is begging for help

      Note that at first, everyone said goodbye to Sergey Tkachenko in the Temple of the Mother of God “Joy of All who sorrow”. To say the last word to the deceased was a large number of figures of show-business, including the father of Alexander Tolmatsky decl, T-killah and MC Dino.

      Then the funeral procession went to the cemetery. At the funeral Tkachenko was also attended by singer Vlad Topalov, reports Previously, the artist published a post in the “Instrume”, dedicated to the businessman.

      “Today I lost my oldest friend. Ridiculous situation, ridiculous death. I spent all day trying to believe and to accept, but I can’t. We’ve been friends for 15 years. Much along passed. He was an example for me and many. Talented. Real. Honest. Purposeful. I can’t believe that’s how it ended. Rest in peace, brother. We love you and will always remember!” – shared Topalov.