The girl lost Sergey Tkachenko spoke about him after the tragedy

Девушка погибшего Сергея Ткаченко впервые заговорила о нем после трагедии Maria Radul ‘ published a photograph taken at the beginning of their relationship. In late January, Sergey Tkachenko fell from the 17th floor. After the incident, the chosen men were subjected to harassment in the Network. Some believed that it was her fault in what happened.

      In late January, the founder of the entertainment Soho Rooms Sergey Tkachenko fell from the window of a multistory building on Shmitovsky. Friends and colleagues could not believe what happened. 40 days after the death of the soloist of popular group “Tete-a-tete” his beloved Maria Radul ‘ have published their first picture. She has incredible love says about his chosen and cherishes memories of him. Former owner of Soho Rooms lost millions of dollars before the death

      “Beloved, my dear! Let your soul will be fine. Your love is always with me. This is our first photo, and I remember that wonderful day,” Mary wrote in the microblog.

      Friends also brought condolences to Mary, which still suffers from the irreparable loss. “Infinitely sad. Tears in my eyes. Maria, hold on! And pray for the repose of the soul of your beloved and dear of the departed person. Go to the temple, you will feel relieved. Strength to you and all the best!”, “As ridiculous. And there is no life”, “Today lit a candle for the dead!” – wrote friends Radul’.

      After the tragic death Tkachenko, some have accused it of his beloved. Maria did not deny that before the incident they have a conflict broke out. “On the morning of 29 January in the apartment of Sergei Tkachenko was a quarrel between him and his girlfriend in which he defended the innocence and feelings for his beloved. In a rush he jumped on the sill of one of the rooms, where, by a terrible coincidence, had the window open. Not deducting the balance, Sergei was on the other side of the window, but managed to grab the frame. Sergei kept outdoors in temperatures below five degrees, attempted to climb in the window, but physical strength is not enough. After 10 minutes the hands of Sergei could not resist and his body fell down. What the outcome of these tragic events everyone already knows,” – said Sergey’s family, thereby eliminating the theory of suicide.

      The accusations of Mary even missed the funeral of Sergei. Friends asked her to attend the ceremony, which was held on the Shcherbinsky cemetery. Early in the morning she said goodbye to him at the morgue.