The girl Ivan Zhidkov admitted that she has a daughter

Девушка Ивана Жидкова призналась, что у нее есть дочь The choice of the actor made a surprise announcement. Sweetheart Ivan Zhidkova may 9, was 25 years old. Lilia Solovieva says that at this age she has everything you can only dream of, and considers himself the happiest man.

The relationship of the actor Ivan Zhidkova with his fiancee, model Lily Solovieva lasted for more than a year. Apparently, the couple’s all serious. The artist gave the beloved car “Audi A 5” obviously, in conjunction with a gift to the anniversary of girls. May 9 Lilia Solovieva was twenty-five years. Ivan Zhidkov gave beloved luxury car

A few months ago, Ivan Zhidkov introduced the beloved daughter from the marriage with actress Tatyana Arntgolts. Lilia Solovieva got along great with the seven year old Mary, a girl so attached to the little heiress of the man she loved, that she his daughter. In this model admitted the day of his birth. Summing up 25 years of life, Liliya Solovyova has said that he feels incredibly happy.

“My parents and relatives are alive and well! – started to list the components of the happiness Liliya Solovyova. – I have a beloved, loving and caring man! I even have a seven year old daughter, who, incidentally, took this picture! I live in the lush green country house! And I have a dog, I dreamed of my whole life. And it’s all my personal victory! So, blowing out their candles, I can only wish for: want my acne gone.”

It is worth noting that from that day, as Ivan Zhidkov introduced daughter Masha with his beloved Lily, they very often spend time together. And judging by the photos and videos that Ivan and Lily publish to the microblog, they have been great company. Seven-year Masha is never a dull moment in the company of the Pope and his sweetheart, because adults try to give it the maximum attention. Some time ago the trio won the Internet with their dances, which they arranged in the bath while relaxing in one of the country clubs.

Ivan Zhidkov has a reputation as a very caring and touching father. He takes part in all important events in the life of Masha. Together with his ex-wife Tatiana Arntgolts he congratulated the daughter on graduation in kindergarten, and the first of September accompanied Mary in first class. The actor believes child a gift for life, so he tries a little daughter to spoil and does everything to ensure that the girl did not feel slighted at something because of their parents ‘ divorce.