Девушку экс-владельца Soho Rooms винят в его смерти Maria was abused by Internet users. According to many people reacting to the tragedy with Sergey Tkachenko, fiancee had to stop him. As noted followers, a friend of the deceased ex-member of the “Tete-a-tete” was a complicated character, and she often initiated disputes with him. Close friends of the businessman stood up for Maria and tried to protect her from attacks in such a difficult moment.

      Девушку экс-владельца Soho Rooms винят в его смерти

      The day before, the public was shocked by reports of the death of the former owner, the fashion capital of the club Sergey Tkachenko. Male fell from the 17th floor of a high-rise building, located on Shmitovsky. Friends on the sudden death of the former owner of Soho Rooms: “He just started living”

      As noted by eyewitnesses, more than ten minutes Tkachenko stayed there, clinging to the ledge. In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how one leg of the men slips off the ledge, and he is rapidly coming down. Sergei fell on the canopy of the entrance and died instantly. Many noted that the girl was trying to help him, standing at the window of the apartment.

      However, according to some people, that Maria brought Sergei to suicide. As told friends of the couple, the businessman is not abused alcohol or other illicit substances, therefore, most likely, was in adequate condition in the fateful day. Friends have noted that lady Tkachenko was complicated nature. Despite the fact that the man looked beside her, happy, they, like any couple, sometimes there were difficulties in the relationship.

      After a series of media reports about a possible lovers ‘quarrel, Radul’ was attacked by Internet users.

      “Well, how did he managed to end up outside the window after a quarrel with this headstrong girl? There’s even a balcony there. How could not calm the man who climbs in the window?”, “A terrible situation, no woman can pull a man, especially in such a panic”, “If you loved, why not find words to comfort a man in such a situation, He loved the way you didn’t deserve! The video that you did everything possible to dissuade or keep it! Because of you, he climbed out the window and you had to fix it!” – wrote in the comments under the post Mary, in which she reported the death of a loved one.

      But those close to Radul ‘ and the DJ left her words of support. The followers noted that his lover Sergei is a very fragile girl, so she could not help him return to the apartment. They wished her strength and patience.

      “Mary loved and cared about him, he was truly happy with her… can I say this. We communicated almost every day!”, “No gain, she never was”, “Girl weighs 50-60 kg, as it will drag a grown man up?”, “You know, and Sergei and Masha. I think that it is inappropriate to blame someone,” said some users of social networks.

      Девушку экс-владельца Soho Rooms винят в его смерти

      At the moment, investigators are trying to figure out what exactly happened a few minutes before the tragedy. According to some, in the apartment of Maria and Sergey could be yet other people.

      By the way, a few hours after the death of Sergei in a Network there was a snippet of his interview he gave a few years ago. Judging by the video, Tkachenko prefers to play sports, not loved alcohol and wanted to create a real family. The man told how he built a career in the music world, participated in the “Tete-a-tete” and staged the first fashion party.

      He admitted that he sometimes believed himself to be too emotional. Like many people, he regretted that some elements of the past cannot be changed. However, the businessman was hoping for a happy future.

      “The family is the most important thing in this life. I have it, but I did not complete. I really want children. I’m actively go. To live for yourself is a great folly. We must live for people and they will give you this,” – said Sergey.

      Many of his colleagues in show business I can’t believe that DJ Jeff was no longer alive. In social networks people post rare footage of Sergei and write kind words about it.

      “Knew him from the age of 16… a Man with a huge heart! Never refused! Was very cheerful and serious at the same time! No matter what! We will all miss you! Let the earth you rest in peace!” – posted by Sasha Project.

      “How is it that not All Orthodox believe… request, all to the temple, order sorokoust for the repose of the soul of the departed servant of God Sergios, please…” asked Irakli Pirtskhalava, who was with Tkachenko in the team “Tete-a-tete”.

      “I apologize that I didn’t pay enough time as goddaughter. Said that always pray for me… Now I will pray for you,” wrote a girl named Pauline.

      “I don’t know how you knew, somehow felt, intuitively — We communicated constantly, mentally and at work,” said friend Tkachenko.

      “Serega times series “the Club” at club Infinity, where we lived a whole life. Jeff. Today, the earth went from under his feet. To digest, understand and believe what happened is not possible. Thank you, that was in my life” – wrote Nastya Zadorozhnaya.

      According to one of the friends of the deceased, the funeral of Sergei will be organized at the expense of its close friends, however, also opened an account where everyone can donate money. Some people who knew Tkachenko, said that Sergei was very fond of football. So they offered to organize a football tournament in the memory of this man.

      Девушку экс-владельца Soho Rooms винят в его смерти

      Девушку экс-владельца Soho Rooms винят в его смерти
      Девушку экс-владельца Soho Rooms винят в его смерти