The girl Dmitry Tarasov was supported by his bold initiative

Девушка Дмитрия Тарасова поддержала его смелую инициативу Anastasia Kostenko attended a charity event organized with the participation of the player. Dmitry Tarasov and his friends decided to arrange a holiday for children, who require special attention and care. Young fans of the athlete got unforgettable emotions.

      Девушка Дмитрия Тарасова поддержала его смелую инициативу

      Recently at the Metropolitan stadium “locomotive” was held the charity event, which was attended by the football player Dmitry Tarasov and his girlfriend Anastasia Kostenko, blogger Amiran Sardarov, the athlete is Max Axe, as well as singers Oleg Miami and T-killah. Celebrities have helped to fulfill the dreams of children with special needs. Dmitry Tarasov is with great pleasure that held a training session for kids and also signed autographs for everyone.

      “I am delighted that today’s day is spent on home stadium “locomotive” with the guys and the children who need special attention and care. Emotionally talked with parents, played football (by the way, my team “Lightning” won with the score 1:0), enjoyed the pizza and gave the children an atmosphere of celebration and joy. Let all be well and good, and let you care for responsive, compassionate and bright people!” – said Dmitry in his microblog.

      The player with the great pleasure spent time with the fans. Midfielder “Locomotive” willingly took selfies with young fans and talked with them. So, after a conversation with a young Victor impressed Dmitry gave him a post in one of my social networks. “It would seem that the difference in 25 years, but as he passed. The last two years of his struggle. And I’m sure this guy would give the heat will win in this unequal battle. Let all the children do not get sick,” wrote the player.

      Fans of midfielder “Locomotive” was delighted with the initiatives of the athlete and his buddies. “Keep it up”, “Handsome”, “well Done”, “Good guys”, “Respect”, “Great photo,” wrote social media users.

      In addition, Dmitry Tarasov has informed that the organizer of children’s holiday has become a well-known blogger Amiran Sardarov. “Thank you, that took the initiative to organize a real holiday for children” – with these words, the athlete turned to the man.

      In turn, the star of the Internet, including footage from the event in a personal video blog, thanked the midfielder famous soccer club. “It was cool. Thank you Dima, that invited children to play in the arena “Locomotive”, – said the YouTube star. By the way, in less than a day recording Amiran managed to score more than 700 thousand views. In his video he also showed footage taken during the conversation with the singer Yegor Creed. The artist suggested Sardarov and his friends to record a joint track.