Гендиректор «Пятницы!» объявил имена ведущих шоу «Орел и решка» Nikolay Kartozia said that the casting for vacancies in the popular television project came to an end. He watched thousands of clips that was sent to him on social networks. As a result, the “eagle and tails” joined the two girls.
Гендиректор «Пятницы!» объявил имена ведущих шоу «Орел и решка»

On 1 February, the TV channel “Friday!”and its General Director Nikolay Kartozia announced the results of the casting show “heads and tails”. The project team will be joined by blogger and actress Mary Gamayun, and the girl from Abakan Olga Antipova. First go to the shores of the bays and popular resorts together with Mikalaj Sergei, and the second will open viewers Russia. The name of the partner Antipova is still unknown.

“Mary read castings, approved in sea season and the day after tomorrow flies to shooting. Masha – not a novice, the experience she has. But the second girl has no experience leading,” Kartozia said.

According to the representative of the channel, with the departure of Lesya Nikityuk from the program went “Holy spontaneity of reactions.” Kartozia was deliberately looking for a girl that will vary from professional facilitators.

“Doesn’t look like Les, but with the same degree of inner freedom and disarming simplicity. And I found it. Olga Vladislavovna [Antipova] was caused me to castings and has successfully passed it – shared the General Director of the channel. Soon she will be trained and will debut as the lead in the final of the new season of “heads and tails. Russia.»

Nikolay Kartozia said that the girls will be a long work on yourself, because after completing the casting, everything is just beginning. “The love of the audience must be earned. I sincerely wish good luck to Masha and Olga Vladislavovna,” – concluded the General Director of “Friday!”.

In addition, Kartozia also noted a few girls that caught his attention. One of them was leading a new project, “Peace away for free”, and three participants of the casting was listed in the shortlist of the production base of the company.

Casting the leading popular shows on travel was announced in December last year on Instagram. In order to test their strength, it was necessary to send Nicholas Kartozia minute video with a story about a favorite place. The next stage was interviews.

We will add that in the framework of the so-called “sea” of the season, which will star Mary Gamayun, the film crew of the project will visit the most famous of seas and oceans, and will also travel to the shores of the bays, which is rarely heard. In turn, Olga Antipova explores of Russian cities, which offered viewers themselves. Among the leaders was Tyumen, Ufa, Norilsk, and Sevastopol.

Гендиректор «Пятницы!» объявил имена ведущих шоу «Орел и решка»